Gene: AT1G24260

Gene description

TAIR ID: AT1G24260

Short description: K-box region and MADS-box transcription factor family protein

Pathogen responsiveness: -1.53

General responsiveness: -0.48






Wheat: No orthologous gene

GO biological process

positive regulation of transcription from RNA polymerase II promoter, cell fate specification, regulation of transcription, DNA-templated, specification of floral organ identity, plant ovule development, transcription, specification of floral organ number, flower development

GO cellular component


GO molecular function

protein binding, transcription factor activity, sequence-specific DNA binding

Protein domain

PfamPF00319, SRF-type transcription factor (DNA-binding and dimerisation domain)
PfamPF01486, K-box region

Metabolic pathway

Not involved in metabolic pathway

KEGG pathway

Not involved in KEGG pathway

Transcriptional regulation

AT3G24050, AT4G24540, AT4G09960, AT2G45660, AT1G24260, AT4G18960, AT2G20180, AT5G61850, AT4G27330, AT2G43010, AT2G22540, AT4G24470

AT5G17260, AT2G30970, AT5G16190, AT2G03020, AT3G54430, AT2G21170, AT4G23740, AT5G06700, AT3G06150, AT3G11850, AT4G16260, AT5G66880, AT1G67590, AT5G62640, AT2G15420, AT4G03820, AT5G65925, AT5G64905, AT5G63040, AT2G30360, AT1G61688, AT2G42790, AT1G65960, AT2G46360, AT4G23250, AT2G36600, AT5G67280, AT5G61960, AT2G31740, AT3G12110, AT2G30530, AT5G59910, AT4G34490, AT5G46710, AT1G09440, AT5G44680, AT3G15500, AT4G02425, AT2G45120, AT1G71970, AT1G02880, AT5G16480, AT2G47270, AT1G14840, AT5G54640, AT3G51400, AT1G26790, AT3G54810, AT5G57800, AT2G34620, AT5G67480, AT2G16440, AT5G18070, AT2G34555, AT5G58412, AT3G02250, AT1G68060, AT2G18940, AT1G50790, AT5G53200, AT1G15100, AT2G34655, AT4G18130, AT5G60580, AT4G22980, AT5G25240, AT3G57660, AT4G16620, AT3G07650, AT1G76360, AT1G65790, AT4G24230, AT5G53750, AT4G28750, AT5G22850, AT4G34230, AT5G58140, AT4G18270, AT5G65340, AT3G55140, AT3G53940, AT5G02220, AT5G49440, AT3G22970, AT5G54062, AT1G49450, AT4G03110, AT5G17230, AT4G25080, AT1G25550, AT5G66560, AT2G11000, AT3G23130, AT2G13790, AT3G06890, AT2G33180, AT1G74330, AT3G15470, AT4G39900, AT5G40720, AT5G02530, AT4G30960, AT1G01600, AT4G39400, AT3G26070, AT1G07570, AT2G20562, AT2G17870, AT3G26520, AT2G36750, AT4G17680, AT1G07630, AT1G07050, AT5G46820, AT1G63420, AT5G23000, AT4G36690, AT2G34925, AT4G13400, AT5G07180, AT2G33510, AT5G59740, AT4G36870, AT2G21300, AT2G41500, AT5G58560, AT4G22730, AT1G11000, AT4G38430, AT2G31170, AT2G36050, AT3G21280, AT3G13510, AT4G23060, AT1G33270, AT1G19580, AT2G41945, AT4G38960, AT1G69440, AT5G10560, AT5G63370, AT3G19830, AT3G41768, AT3G14370, AT3G60540, AT2G38040, AT1G01250, AT4G36360, AT5G56510, AT1G47610, AT1G72940, AT3G15260, AT4G36380, AT5G58070, AT1G24530, AT2G30380, AT5G57790, AT2G25180, AT4G00450, AT1G76080, AT1G24540, AT5G12950, AT5G47330, AT3G62500, AT1G15370, AT4G38710, AT4G35510, AT1G80280, AT1G56700, AT1G18410, AT3G16910, AT1G68830, AT4G01410, AT4G17615, AT4G14930, AT5G65920, AT3G14310, AT4G29340, AT4G25840, AT3G59210, AT1G14350, AT2G41170, AT4G29080, AT1G01590, AT2G34770, AT2G03290, AT5G50915, AT3G49140, AT1G51090, AT5G66550, AT2G23610, AT4G24150, AT3G61550, AT2G36880, AT1G43710, AT1G33560, AT5G09870, AT3G11110, AT4G19420, AT2G40540, AT1G45230, AT1G26960, AT1G07100, AT2G23320, AT4G30370, AT5G01810, AT4G01480, AT1G80860, AT4G37510, AT1G30620, AT2G46860, AT4G10770, AT4G37780, AT2G46800, AT2G44120, AT3G53550, AT1G55810, AT1G70370, AT5G25830, AT5G01720, AT3G10015, AT3G25500, AT3G50740, AT5G13400, AT3G28050, AT3G62990, AT2G21187, AT2G34070, AT3G06500, AT5G12890, AT1G02900, AT3G07390, AT4G23460, AT2G28320, AT2G30150, AT5G64550, AT5G10090, AT4G36648, AT4G36470, AT1G53165, AT4G19710, AT5G56290, AT5G20280, AT2G31810, AT2G41470, AT5G25180, AT4G23200, AT5G03760, AT1G21520, AT5G50000, AT3G19100, AT2G01150, AT3G28007, AT4G26640, AT4G28540, AT2G46460, AT5G16110, AT4G22860, AT2G39800, AT4G27510, AT4G30200, AT3G50850, AT2G44980, AT1G65490, AT3G11420, AT2G46820, AT5G40200, AT3G50270, AT4G27260, AT3G63200, AT4G36970, AT1G75440, AT1G72700, AT1G11600, AT3G24170, AT4G00360, AT2G42280, AT3G24550, AT3G19540, AT1G01020, AT1G51790, AT4G15340, AT5G17540, AT1G65295, AT3G22886, AT3G25800, AT5G19060, AT3G23637, AT3G13520, AT4G37390, AT5G20540, AT2G22980, AT2G41370, AT2G43290, AT3G43660, AT2G35690, AT3G43430, AT4G39150, AT4G18700, AT2G28550, AT3G10020, AT4G23920, AT5G21105, AT3G62610, AT4G33430, AT1G44100, AT1G49320, AT5G53450, AT2G34640, AT4G27450, AT2G46980, AT3G57280, AT5G10945, AT1G04150, AT2G30430, AT1G62830, AT2G43000, AT4G39403, AT2G44610, AT4G27310, AT4G34630, AT2G30000, AT3G24506, AT4G37580, AT4G32870, AT4G22580, AT5G59660, AT3G58080, AT3G50440, AT4G00150, AT5G23720, AT1G32210, AT4G27830, AT2G39730, AT5G05140, AT5G10920, AT2G30780, AT4G37140, AT1G27100, AT3G11410, AT2G30490, AT3G26190, AT3G46620, AT3G60580, AT5G08330, AT3G18773, AT5G56220, AT2G41640, AT5G59780, AT4G12460, AT2G03710, AT1G15660, AT5G25460, AT4G13710, AT4G39480, AT1G44575, AT5G06530, AT1G76420, AT2G17290, AT3G19270, AT3G23410, AT1G32120, AT5G51760, AT2G23780, AT2G31090, AT1G47330, AT2G17950, AT5G18020, AT3G23910, AT4G19110, AT1G73805, AT1G12430, AT3G27410, AT2G37750, AT1G10910, AT5G23850, AT2G30395, AT4G25990, AT1G14580, AT5G59010, AT3G57390, AT4G18030, AT5G45800, AT1G35720, AT3G58830, AT4G16141, AT5G35770, AT3G06570, AT5G10370, AT2G25200, AT4G14560, AT3G06140, AT1G32920, AT4G31590, AT2G04380, AT5G41070, AT2G28085, AT1G63090, AT3G28415, AT3G06860, AT5G60210, AT3G56590, AT1G67730, AT5G14360, AT3G56880, AT3G61820, AT4G16430, AT5G04275, AT4G33440, AT1G76170, AT4G22250, AT5G67430, AT5G19040, AT5G08130, AT5G47380, AT3G13380, AT5G66580, AT2G45170, AT4G28240, AT4G30410, AT4G20960, AT4G34990, AT4G36040, AT4G28703, AT1G28050, AT4G04960, AT1G19400, AT1G07890, AT5G65880, AT3G10630, AT3G15030, AT1G07280, AT3G14230, AT2G33350, AT3G14390, AT4G34200, AT1G50420, AT2G25320, AT4G02940, AT2G29810, AT1G07520, AT3G07350, AT5G64250, AT2G16500, AT2G03530, AT3G27770, AT5G02190, AT4G14695, AT2G04880, AT1G15270, AT2G22480, AT5G63180, AT3G18070, AT1G52565, AT2G36340, AT5G39635, AT3G61620, AT5G54700, AT3G23440, AT4G32290, AT5G52960, AT3G53960, AT3G01140, AT2G42500, AT1G49720, AT5G51560, AT4G02930, AT3G49660, AT2G35720, AT3G53260, AT5G01090, AT4G22830, AT5G04130, AT1G07220, AT1G68840, AT3G15530, AT3G18050, AT5G65670, AT2G47860, AT2G01410, AT3G16720, AT1G03600, AT1G02610, AT5G67411, AT5G23430, AT2G24693, AT2G26690, AT3G55730, AT3G15820, AT1G79420, AT5G44670, AT3G14100, AT3G13740, AT3G21560, AT1G01320, AT2G43920, AT1G11840, AT3G55980, AT1G69770, AT4G36170, AT1G25220, AT3G43580, AT4G00140, AT3G60660, AT5G10750, AT5G10870, AT4G29610, AT5G03280, AT5G22940, AT2G39290, AT4G19395, AT5G26340, AT1G07760, AT3G13800, AT3G51850, AT2G34160, AT5G14760, AT5G49360, AT1G70280, AT3G60910, AT1G13245, AT3G54680, AT1G31550, AT2G22680, AT1G75300, AT5G48790, AT1G49740, AT5G59080, AT3G14680, AT1G76135, AT1G04220, AT5G03668, AT1G64620, AT3G55870, AT2G45340, AT4G22990, AT3G13570, AT4G03560, AT5G49100, AT4G08230, AT5G54760, AT5G67360, AT2G33170, AT2G31870, AT3G56710, AT3G60400, AT4G01070, AT3G52470, AT3G25590, AT1G70710, AT1G68720, AT3G13060, AT2G28400, AT1G29270, AT3G03270, AT5G24890, AT4G02405, AT3G10910, AT4G20170, AT3G12980, AT3G15540, AT5G51260, AT3G51670, AT3G60510, AT3G18840, AT5G42290, AT3G13810, AT4G21340, AT3G28910, AT1G19880, AT3G27420, AT2G36830, AT5G09740, AT3G54920, AT4G17670, AT3G07680, AT2G16750, AT5G65910, AT1G70230, AT3G62830, AT5G47000, AT2G01860, AT3G29580, AT1G20540, AT5G28300, AT3G47380, AT3G04760, AT1G69760, AT5G52510, AT4G04570, AT3G23050, AT1G73060, AT2G31880, AT3G53420, AT3G11900, AT5G57100, AT5G18005, AT5G16560, AT1G46840, AT2G20515, AT3G58620, AT1G61800, AT4G24510, AT2G01680, AT4G24780, AT4G34220, AT1G14850, AT1G78010, AT3G10760, AT4G24050, AT2G26500, AT2G44570, AT5G52060, AT5G17850, AT1G06840, AT4G16444, AT1G52000, AT5G20150, AT4G18960, AT5G03555, AT2G37430, AT3G49350, AT1G07420, AT4G20780, AT1G10060, AT1G48480, AT2G41810, AT2G34150, AT4G22850, AT4G00900, AT1G26762, AT5G64770, AT1G74440, AT1G51460, AT3G60530, AT1G68520, AT5G24530, AT1G79700, AT1G78130, AT3G57400, AT5G03680, AT2G34480, AT5G48930, AT2G18250, AT1G72410, AT4G09460, AT4G30975, AT3G27960, AT5G10380, AT3G14340, AT3G15090, AT2G23760, AT2G36030, AT1G23020, AT2G32960, AT3G57880, AT5G62000, AT1G08890, AT5G53900, AT2G27820, AT4G32700, AT4G32810, AT4G39520, AT4G27880, AT4G30350, AT3G21320, AT4G19120, AT2G44080, AT1G56220, AT3G50240, AT4G32272, AT1G09850, AT4G26140, AT4G38970, AT4G30520, AT1G07270, AT5G07010, AT4G21220, AT1G14720, AT5G26660, AT5G03100, AT1G28140, AT4G27740, AT4G30996, AT1G01540, AT3G46540, AT3G14200, AT1G21510, AT5G61590, AT5G55740, AT1G04320, AT3G48660, AT5G63520, AT4G01240, AT3G61470, AT2G37678, AT5G40540, AT1G49660, AT3G46550, AT4G11820, AT1G14730, AT1G59640, AT3G52880, AT3G03950, AT5G50950, AT4G39030, AT2G40400, AT3G55430, AT3G45950, AT3G54826, AT4G16590, AT3G24630, AT4G12290, AT5G43630, AT5G45340, AT5G11420, AT2G24800, AT5G14230, AT4G24350, AT4G32610, AT5G11230, AT2G32520, AT2G01420, AT2G22540, AT3G07020, AT5G62780, AT5G41920, AT1G56630, AT4G15420, AT1G23820, AT2G40740, AT3G19380, AT3G54790, AT3G03630, AT4G16820, AT1G19830, AT5G42630, AT1G01420, AT5G12930, AT1G73630, AT1G58080, AT1G50290, AT1G21550, AT5G62400, AT1G12820, AT3G57540, AT1G72500, AT5G66730, AT1G51550, AT1G51745, AT3G54220, AT3G48290, AT4G32720, AT2G24360, AT1G04610, AT4G35220, AT3G17310, AT2G16660, AT3G15630, AT3G11920, AT3G05140, AT1G74030, AT5G48540, AT1G19180, AT5G36960, AT4G04640, AT2G27775, AT4G15620, AT5G66270, AT5G19340, AT4G24800, AT4G24760, AT2G36430, AT3G28860, AT3G56200, AT3G49810, AT4G13540, AT1G71695, AT4G36410, AT1G35510, AT5G13740, AT4G34520, AT1G06050, AT4G32160, AT2G28480, AT1G06400, AT1G60810, AT1G55120, AT2G18300, AT1G80620, AT1G72460, AT5G67160, AT4G05320, AT2G36800, AT1G75390, AT4G11320, AT1G06170, AT5G22400, AT3G29240, AT5G57900, AT4G16990, AT3G13000, AT1G75060, AT3G57050, AT4G25480, AT4G28270, AT5G60680, AT1G72450, AT4G35720, AT2G36900, AT3G58130, AT5G62170, AT1G21980, AT5G06720, AT1G11120, AT5G67310, AT3G60800, AT5G47240, AT5G14700, AT1G70540, AT2G33490, AT1G54180, AT1G70300, AT4G25700, AT1G48490, AT4G25490, AT2G21140, AT1G51130, AT4G30240, AT5G62720, AT5G57480, AT4G35060, AT4G24000, AT2G03440, AT4G37080, AT5G49090, AT1G06000, AT5G45850, AT2G19450, AT5G57570, AT1G07700, AT4G36750, AT2G26270, AT1G08130, AT2G33580, AT3G02730, AT5G03270, AT5G28240, AT3G53470, AT4G24410, AT3G05685, AT5G49680, AT4G32940, AT4G37380, AT1G53430, AT2G18730, AT5G25820, AT1G76900, AT5G67370, AT5G33320, AT2G44220, AT5G07200, AT1G02450, AT2G10940, AT2G46620, AT1G75200, AT2G21780, AT4G01026, AT5G26230, AT2G34710, AT3G09980, AT4G24120, AT5G05150, AT2G40140, AT1G52155, AT4G27070, AT2G44600, AT3G28857, AT4G24565, AT1G52760, AT3G46630, AT4G01090, AT5G13790, AT2G16690, AT3G49870, AT1G06920, AT3G52800, AT5G57020, AT2G45670, AT5G54380, AT5G01380, AT3G06870, AT3G14690, AT5G24780, AT1G07090, AT1G10550, AT3G27010, AT3G48570, AT3G07360, AT2G24240, AT4G32340, AT1G17420, AT4G13510, AT5G22620, AT2G41560, AT1G21090, AT1G11330, AT1G68010, AT3G58795, AT4G34135, AT2G42600, AT2G23180, AT5G47500, AT4G16880, AT2G30240, AT3G50650, AT1G72520, AT2G36410, AT3G50750, AT2G33890, AT5G63410, AT4G27500, AT5G17600, AT5G14420, AT5G57550, AT1G75090, AT2G35060, AT3G15354, AT5G23730, AT5G16350, AT4G36370, AT2G22510, AT3G13784, AT4G26000, AT4G35590, AT1G11320, AT3G28917, AT4G16730, AT1G55260, AT4G14500, AT4G39756, AT3G12345, AT4G29840, AT3G14020, AT4G27657, AT4G34760, AT3G27660, AT4G33980, AT3G63210, AT3G50350, AT2G28050, AT5G07580, AT5G20020, AT2G46810, AT4G38940, AT5G17460, AT5G03700, AT3G02690, AT4G28250, AT2G39350, AT2G24880, AT1G49640, AT4G34710, AT1G56150, AT5G59030, AT5G66610, AT1G70780, AT5G61420, AT3G19290, AT1G75510, AT4G23530, AT3G14220, AT2G19800, AT3G16000, AT2G45720, AT4G36920, AT1G12550, AT1G47870, AT1G73500, AT1G64970, AT2G32710, AT5G11325, AT5G25610, AT1G76620, AT1G51160, AT3G14440, AT1G68600, AT1G17710, AT5G50860, AT3G12120, AT3G27800, AT3G03820, AT5G25150, AT1G27550, AT3G08620, AT4G31960, AT2G21185, AT1G69490, AT3G07470, AT2G43550, AT3G03870, AT2G34340, AT4G16550, AT2G20260, AT5G40170, AT5G51110, AT4G20440, AT3G25250, AT2G46500, AT3G01560, AT1G13240, AT5G42750, AT5G14880, AT4G30210, AT2G22720, AT5G57340, AT5G48170, AT3G01310, AT5G51795, AT5G60220, AT5G61100, AT2G34810, AT3G60490, AT2G45160, AT3G58780, AT2G37530, AT2G45135, AT1G26160, AT4G24740, AT1G10000, AT1G70920, AT5G13710, AT5G52310, AT3G53350, AT4G27520, AT4G36890, AT3G12920, AT2G21060, AT3G16785, AT1G64740, AT5G10760, AT5G08770, AT1G27220, AT2G44770, AT4G12420, AT3G50630, AT1G69295, AT1G47603, AT1G78610, AT5G64740, AT2G38000, AT1G45201, AT1G01290, AT2G15090, AT2G37160, AT1G05470, AT1G75230, AT5G22070, AT5G21930, AT5G53210, AT1G68400, AT4G10960, AT3G47430, AT1G14280, AT4G36780, AT1G73390, AT2G16850, AT1G03130, AT2G16870, AT4G22920, AT1G28360, AT5G59505, AT3G24518, AT1G66980, AT4G39040, AT2G31230, AT5G46330, AT4G20880, AT2G41660, AT2G37960, AT3G14180, AT3G63220, AT5G50360, AT2G46330, AT2G42880, AT1G31040, AT4G30340, AT3G12180, AT2G15830, AT2G38110, AT1G54650, AT3G27260, AT1G79840, AT3G63160, AT1G19650, AT5G57150, AT2G15050, AT1G70790, AT3G63006, AT3G15200, AT5G16430, AT3G59430, AT5G48870, AT4G28890, AT3G06080, AT1G21270, AT4G16442, AT5G20250, AT1G01350, AT5G16000, AT2G16760, AT2G02000, AT2G35290, AT3G18710, AT4G10510, AT4G24500, AT1G17500, AT1G68440, AT3G44450, AT2G40240, AT5G65380, AT3G19070, AT2G25460, AT4G20860, AT1G78230, AT4G37870, AT1G68360, AT1G33060, AT5G20240, AT4G04470, AT2G40610, AT1G67190, AT1G54090, AT5G21140, AT4G17870, AT3G09530, AT3G16140, AT3G05100, AT3G44990, AT1G73480, AT2G43680, AT1G03160, AT5G41900, AT5G38120, AT2G45740, AT4G03390, AT4G19020, AT4G18880, AT5G40800, AT2G46430, AT5G51070, AT1G04530, AT5G23610, AT1G16710, AT5G38520, AT3G55240, AT2G44150, AT3G61750, AT3G05690, AT5G17860, AT2G24545, AT5G07310, AT1G19850, AT5G06570, AT5G08530, AT5G11160, AT3G23165, AT3G19680, AT2G42690, AT5G61330, AT5G07360, AT5G16170, AT1G17360, AT3G09920, AT4G17460, AT3G55360, AT1G76680, AT4G30890, AT2G40475, AT4G31820, AT5G10150, AT4G36150, AT4G21870, AT4G30250, AT2G26910, AT5G04270, AT2G43240, AT4G18800, AT3G60160, AT3G28040, AT1G70350, AT3G61050, AT3G59950, AT4G08150, AT2G35850, AT1G13950, AT5G16340, AT4G23750, AT4G31550, AT2G43010, AT4G16140, AT1G76890, AT4G35180, AT1G28410, AT3G02150, AT5G01830, AT5G59385, AT4G25650, AT2G17880, AT2G39330, AT2G24550, AT2G19570, AT4G39100, AT4G37240, AT2G42620, AT3G56800, AT2G36080, AT3G53800, AT4G16280, AT5G61440, AT1G58520, AT3G44950, AT4G26520, AT2G17295, AT2G46150, AT4G28180, AT5G01880, AT3G56400, AT3G56070, AT5G45100, AT4G26620, AT2G01760, AT3G01150, AT3G18830, AT5G10170, AT4G27652, AT3G54480, AT1G22180, AT2G33830, AT3G19570, AT1G05680, AT4G03420, AT1G27210, AT4G25835, AT1G72680, AT5G01190, AT5G43870, AT3G03450, AT1G75540, AT3G45640, AT1G33250, AT2G45830, AT3G17980, AT5G59880, AT5G19100, AT3G26810, AT4G22890, AT2G42290, AT4G04750, AT4G37608, AT3G53150, AT3G45780, AT2G26710, AT5G24155, AT2G25420, AT2G44030, AT5G18830, AT4G21560, AT2G24395, AT2G46495, AT2G29450, AT1G05170, AT4G08950, AT3G06450, AT5G57130, AT4G10360, AT5G18120, AT2G46560, AT3G50070, AT5G09440, AT2G21200, AT3G15860, AT2G02070, AT2G34870, AT2G33320, AT5G13280, AT3G02810, AT3G06145, AT5G66870, AT5G15310, AT2G37480, AT3G22275, AT1G62760, AT5G53660, AT1G15530, AT1G19460, AT4G18760, AT2G23700, AT4G00050, AT1G18835, AT2G40880, AT3G06190, AT5G06660, AT1G14910, AT4G28780, AT3G49950, AT5G20680, AT5G06870, AT5G24520, AT2G27950, AT2G01670, AT2G21650, AT4G39840, AT5G20670, AT5G57050, AT5G53140, AT2G38170, AT2G13610, AT4G12730, AT3G56370, AT3G05260, AT5G52170, AT5G09620, AT1G04280, AT1G09160, AT1G06360, AT4G31980, AT5G20740, AT1G78040, AT5G66470, AT1G70940, AT3G14010, AT1G77750, AT1G25400, AT5G13460, AT1G27710, AT5G19140, AT4G33140, AT5G49170, AT1G55510, AT4G03520, AT2G47720, AT1G20620, AT1G07680, AT4G28025, AT2G44750, AT5G15110, AT2G36770, AT4G28330, AT2G03890, AT5G58530, AT5G26010, AT5G47230, AT5G53760, AT3G13080, AT1G45010, AT1G29170, AT5G48650, AT3G15360, AT2G40805, AT2G22990, AT3G47060, AT3G21100, AT1G73080, AT4G19530, AT4G09630, AT5G39080, AT4G03400, AT2G29140, AT1G10470, AT5G53160, AT5G03630, AT4G32850, AT2G26190, AT2G23430, AT2G36740, AT5G67390, AT2G31750, AT2G47780, AT3G51520, AT4G36050, AT5G55910, AT5G66320, AT2G27490, AT5G45940, AT5G64330, AT3G45970, AT1G17940, AT3G13640, AT3G54660, AT3G14380, AT3G52770, AT3G26530, AT2G44798, AT4G20730, AT3G14990, AT1G30250, AT4G13340, AT1G55325, AT2G45790, AT2G41630, AT3G27250, AT5G60390, AT2G21210, AT5G02230, AT1G66140, AT5G62230, AT4G34650, AT5G62560, AT5G48150, AT1G21740, AT3G12280, AT1G22030, AT2G31980, AT5G15970, AT3G10600, AT1G80610, AT3G55400, AT5G48250, AT5G07920, AT2G01190, AT5G61970, AT5G07990, AT5G15350, AT5G66770, AT1G68100, AT4G23990, AT4G14770, AT1G23070, AT5G11070, AT3G52840, AT4G25720, AT4G35780, AT2G33860, AT4G03440, AT3G06470, AT3G10120, AT3G50210, AT1G02060, AT2G16400, AT5G19120, AT4G33910, AT3G46090, AT5G05980, AT2G45880, AT3G09820, AT5G60408, AT3G60030, AT2G30600, AT1G19000, AT1G22810, AT2G03980, AT1G75880, AT1G75710, AT4G17880, AT2G36400, AT2G39550, AT3G08640, AT5G54580, AT5G07240, AT3G07320, AT3G53210, AT4G16370, AT2G18450, AT1G69690, AT3G15620, AT1G20850, AT4G23490, AT2G44910, AT2G14210, AT1G61890, AT2G47460, AT1G14600, AT2G30020, AT2G22668, AT4G26540, AT3G04060, AT1G10620, AT1G75000, AT2G45730, AT5G15800, AT4G02890, AT1G04130, AT3G52748, AT2G31180, AT5G23870, AT4G36110, AT3G29575, AT5G47220, AT1G80110, AT4G34870, AT1G79060, AT5G11730, AT4G33625, AT3G43270, AT2G43100, AT2G45070, AT4G03040, AT4G19950, AT1G54210, AT2G02810, AT5G24320, AT5G46570, AT3G14260, AT3G27920, AT2G23790, AT4G22010, AT5G15060, AT1G68790, AT4G02260, AT1G44170, AT5G16160, AT3G18550, AT5G55470, AT2G22410, AT4G38470, AT2G39230, AT3G63240, AT2G26170, AT5G54200, AT3G52430, AT3G59440, AT5G53500, AT3G60550, AT2G26260, AT5G28020, AT4G12970, AT3G19580, AT3G01430, AT3G03150, AT1G20890, AT3G11580, AT4G19430, AT4G39210, AT2G16940, AT3G56050, AT2G22330, AT5G65700, AT5G23210, AT5G07700, AT3G03260, AT5G57440, AT2G44810, AT4G39010, AT3G57140, AT1G10410, AT3G22142, AT4G29780, AT5G14010, AT1G70100, AT3G52450, AT2G42040, AT2G21970, AT3G01370, AT4G30790, AT3G14960, AT4G17340, AT4G23860, AT2G42320, AT5G58570, AT3G29636, AT5G46890, AT2G25625, AT4G33080, AT5G05380, AT4G09160, AT3G05935, AT1G68580, AT4G33950, AT4G34950, AT3G23480, AT2G33400, AT5G18670, AT4G17660, AT1G75810, AT1G32700, AT1G67560, AT2G31070, AT3G07005, AT3G06740, AT1G76180, AT3G13820, AT2G28470, AT5G14710, AT3G59070, AT3G44380, AT3G63445, AT1G05850, AT2G40130, AT5G17760, AT4G36390, AT3G50800, AT2G29970, AT1G28440, AT3G06130, AT5G56840, AT4G37590, AT1G48620, AT1G24260, AT4G26670, AT3G50020, AT4G11350, AT3G52285, AT5G14110, AT3G57040, AT5G46370, AT2G17300, AT5G60600, AT4G14750, AT1G76880, AT1G64900, AT2G13360, AT5G03130, AT5G13730, AT5G20830, AT1G62570, AT5G21430, AT5G60880, AT5G62880, AT1G18740, AT5G60810, AT3G60900, AT5G05800, AT2G35950, AT5G12330, AT3G15020, AT3G02550, AT2G47485, AT5G09460, AT2G16594, AT5G14080, AT1G11700, AT3G27210, AT4G38190, AT4G27840, AT3G04290, AT5G16030, AT1G21480, AT5G55700, AT1G24265, AT1G33170, AT5G19410, AT4G37920, AT5G11310, AT1G22160, AT1G50590, AT4G01950, AT1G54510, AT3G06590, AT1G56600, AT5G51840, AT4G12430, AT2G24150, AT4G24370, AT2G21660, AT2G38540, AT5G06960, AT1G05550, AT1G31910, AT5G61850, AT4G19380, AT2G19850, AT4G35750, AT5G50090, AT5G18240, AT5G57740, AT3G06125, AT4G37260, AT1G09250, AT4G38620, AT2G13570, AT2G23000, AT5G13140, AT2G47990, AT4G20510, AT3G16570, AT4G03140, AT2G19620, AT2G29670, AT5G62130, AT5G17800, AT1G72210, AT3G12470, AT1G24625, AT2G17770, AT5G04470, AT4G05070, AT1G13080, AT4G40042, AT5G24880, AT4G16740, AT3G23120, AT1G12460, AT3G48240, AT4G13630, AT1G15360, AT1G06080, AT1G09070, AT5G19190, AT5G39785, AT5G64260, AT2G41090, AT2G25090, AT4G27860, AT4G37640, AT3G06750, AT2G41870, AT5G02440, AT3G03340, AT5G57070, AT4G34400, AT1G30040, AT1G79160, AT5G10950, AT3G24160, AT5G49350, AT1G77490, AT1G18800, AT2G01930, AT1G54410, AT3G07720, AT5G23750, AT2G16700, AT4G36020, AT4G27730, AT1G18700, AT5G65310, AT2G24640, AT1G23860, AT1G57980, AT3G44440, AT1G05100, AT5G49510, AT2G34090, AT1G51700, AT5G04810, AT1G56720, AT2G45470, AT2G15580, AT1G07870, AT1G01490, AT1G26945, AT2G43770, AT5G61570, AT5G55120, AT2G01520, AT3G61070, AT5G51460, AT3G04510, AT1G03170, AT3G13130, AT3G04730, AT5G18840, AT2G26250, AT3G14940, AT5G01350, AT2G28510, AT5G05440, AT1G23390, AT5G57700, AT4G37250, AT3G55960, AT2G37340, AT4G22810, AT1G72430, AT3G17040, AT1G04690, AT3G05500, AT1G15580, AT1G13930, AT1G28200, AT2G30370, AT1G03610, AT3G18290, AT2G23450, AT4G02600, AT2G06255, AT2G20800, AT1G19110, AT4G35300, AT5G14370, AT4G01245, AT1G78080, AT3G16470, AT2G31957, AT3G16360, AT3G63180, AT4G37790, AT3G47960, AT1G67890, AT4G16040, AT5G53400, AT4G30400, AT4G26270, AT4G35680, AT1G49620, AT5G01950, AT5G50210, AT2G31390, AT4G02480, AT4G22310, AT3G50660, AT4G23390, AT2G41410, AT4G01060, AT1G78440, AT5G38410, AT5G21090, AT4G16390, AT1G01130, AT1G07430, AT2G41330, AT5G12040, AT1G09575, AT4G29770, AT4G35100, AT4G38460, AT2G26040, AT3G26510, AT3G18485, AT4G01460, AT5G23290, AT3G11340, AT4G22590, AT4G11050, AT2G40810, AT4G35620, AT1G09640, AT4G21200, AT1G22330, AT2G44830, AT2G32020, AT3G19390, AT1G65590, AT5G02760, AT3G47790, AT2G31400, AT2G46140, AT4G12390, AT4G16670, AT2G44470, AT3G60120, AT3G07780, AT5G07370, AT1G04240, AT2G10410, AT4G14723, AT2G24100, AT1G10155, AT2G39980, AT2G25260, AT4G39710, AT5G64030, AT5G47110, AT4G18550, AT1G79050, AT4G24110, AT2G37050, AT5G07270, AT5G58190, AT1G13360, AT2G41930, AT4G11410, AT3G57800, AT2G20320, AT1G02065, AT5G50340, AT4G26480, AT3G50530, AT4G32460, AT5G13750, AT5G59050, AT2G26070, AT1G69870, AT4G30270, AT2G46260, AT1G29950, AT3G53140, AT4G37445, AT1G79230, AT3G46640, AT4G34770, AT5G64850, AT4G24670, AT4G10950, AT2G45900, AT5G26790, AT1G17110, AT4G21930, AT3G10150, AT2G31590, AT1G22360, AT2G48010, AT5G61290, AT1G32190, AT1G19800, AT2G35860, AT3G18220, AT3G61580, AT1G32660, AT3G04910, AT5G11590, AT5G60840, AT5G43260, AT3G07560, AT1G28260, AT2G46270, AT3G56490, AT3G27025, AT5G37600, AT5G60800, AT1G77630, AT4G11680, AT1G22370, AT3G28220, AT3G26932, AT1G71990, AT5G38610, AT4G13840, AT1G48320, AT3G12680, AT1G21400, AT4G39090, AT3G55130, AT2G30520, AT3G49670, AT3G15280, AT1G72150, AT2G30250, AT5G54850, AT1G07170, AT5G47370, AT5G16210, AT4G37940, AT5G62030, AT1G50430, AT1G30400, AT3G17630, AT3G21610, AT5G02450, AT3G41979, AT2G26900, AT1G19835, AT3G62700, AT1G15110, AT4G34680, AT1G64140, AT5G57660, AT4G24010, AT5G58650, AT3G58650, AT2G35640, AT1G48260, AT4G14815, AT1G06650, AT3G59940, AT1G35430, AT3G47610, AT1G27930, AT5G65683, AT3G08030, AT2G22660, AT4G12310, AT3G44735, AT2G32430, AT5G63830, AT1G30490, AT1G07710, AT4G37470, AT3G23740, AT5G26940, AT3G05810, AT2G04515, AT3G30340, AT1G60060, AT1G80490, AT1G21060, AT1G61660, AT5G10320, AT1G11390, AT3G07460, AT4G05105, AT3G11500, AT2G44070, AT5G06865, AT4G18570, AT1G53520, AT5G11890, AT3G26700, AT4G25630, AT1G78490, AT3G59930, AT4G08740, AT1G18650, AT2G24210, AT5G22740, AT1G67480, AT3G58690, AT2G47430, AT5G08139, AT2G39130, AT3G08850, AT5G47120, AT3G21700, AT2G41180, AT1G62370, AT4G17245, AT3G62710, AT2G19580, AT5G05180, AT3G60670, AT3G54340, AT3G25715, AT2G40800, AT1G56030, AT2G35010, AT1G78170, AT4G37610, AT1G79000, AT3G61640, AT3G09780, AT3G27810, AT4G00720, AT2G17230, AT1G10585, AT1G01430, AT4G14690, AT2G47890, AT5G04830, AT3G60200, AT2G24050, AT1G15750, AT3G17950, AT3G30160, AT3G48330, AT4G02670, AT2G24790, AT2G19780, AT1G04250, AT5G08370, AT1G25520, AT5G62940, AT1G21390, AT5G66600, AT4G30710, AT1G56660, AT1G67900, AT2G03000, AT1G72960, AT5G23330, AT5G52400, AT1G77890, AT5G48385, AT3G15350, AT2G40008, AT5G23480, AT3G24830, AT3G57070, AT3G52520, AT4G28080, AT3G48780, AT5G55170, AT5G59960, AT2G22955, AT3G49790, AT4G16380, AT5G61980, AT1G12440, AT5G20660, AT2G41430, AT1G69850, AT2G03505, AT2G41010, AT4G25420, AT5G41260, AT2G32090, AT4G36925, AT3G47500, AT3G07570, AT5G06980, AT5G53190, AT2G42770, AT5G54710, AT5G03720, AT1G74380, AT5G03890, AT2G32698, AT5G03040, AT1G05785, AT5G60200, AT4G34250, AT2G45850, AT5G02540, AT3G55570, AT3G55760, AT1G07080, AT3G02170, AT5G07770, AT5G18310, AT5G53220, AT5G04480, AT1G69030, AT4G30150, AT1G77600, AT2G34320, AT2G42580, AT5G67385, AT1G77160, AT4G00440, AT4G21940, AT5G43760, AT3G12060, AT4G18970, AT3G24010, AT4G09620, AT4G38530, AT3G45680, AT4G28730, AT4G38840, AT4G16610, AT3G03770, AT3G44820, AT1G76950, AT3G18530, AT5G41100, AT1G11180, AT4G28400, AT5G43700, AT5G43450, AT1G22230, AT1G06160, AT1G67400, AT3G57440, AT4G00650, AT2G37390, AT1G70700, AT4G30800, AT5G15210, AT1G20840, AT2G23170, AT4G03070, AT2G20980, AT4G17765, AT1G64890, AT2G39360, AT4G16750, AT3G24520, AT1G05870, AT2G25680, AT2G26580, AT3G26980, AT5G59730, AT4G39850, AT2G23690, AT2G21340, AT2G40280, AT2G46870, AT5G06130, AT5G12900, AT1G12420, AT4G17550, AT3G51550, AT3G57110, AT5G19440, AT2G38390, AT4G04020, AT5G63090, AT3G16940, AT5G48970, AT1G12330, AT2G38180, AT2G41750, AT3G05360, AT5G48040, AT3G08720, AT3G54950, AT2G33310, AT4G12300, AT5G65610, AT2G34790, AT1G73880, AT1G01120, AT3G61880, AT1G71040, AT2G33330, AT1G08100, AT3G02100, AT5G67060, AT5G07620, AT2G28350, AT3G60110, AT1G06790, AT4G18975, AT4G09100, AT5G02410, AT4G36740, AT5G65940, AT4G27020, AT1G77850, AT1G65320, AT3G56700, AT3G20015, AT4G27330, AT5G02890, AT4G39330, AT3G25670, AT5G66700, AT1G62380, AT3G53380, AT1G08465, AT1G02850, AT1G76580, AT5G63860, AT2G11810, AT2G43120, AT3G57810, AT5G53370, AT4G35190, AT3G11280, AT3G13790, AT5G23280, AT4G34480, AT1G05710, AT1G63500, AT1G29140, AT5G65030, AT2G27400, AT5G17040, AT5G40890, AT3G23080, AT1G57610, AT5G56890, AT2G40435, AT3G54020, AT4G21300, AT1G25440, AT1G71130, AT5G12050, AT2G47200, AT1G35350, AT5G08640, AT5G53120, AT4G17490, AT2G37250, AT3G29020, AT1G22460, AT5G13310, AT3G26290, AT3G26890, AT1G75490, AT5G24010, AT4G11140, AT2G31560, AT2G34185, AT3G21190, AT1G53830, AT5G44572, AT2G44480, AT5G62020, AT2G43320, AT2G39650, AT1G72175, AT3G50450, AT1G10150, AT4G09890, AT4G00530, AT1G76430, AT4G26530, AT1G55270, AT1G68550, AT1G21310, AT5G02260, AT5G03790, AT5G20840, AT1G72610, AT4G14740, AT2G29340, AT3G25585, AT1G49140, AT4G01800, AT5G39860, AT5G39250, AT4G30950, AT1G74450, AT3G44300, AT5G14220, AT5G01600, AT3G01690, AT5G04720, AT1G28000, AT1G44350, AT5G05820, AT2G26730, AT1G68560, AT2G41400, AT5G44570, AT3G14430, AT1G76952, AT3G61960, AT5G58080, AT1G77450, AT3G60390, AT4G27440, AT4G36520, AT4G28530, AT5G64860, AT2G03740, AT2G22805, AT4G38860, AT2G20240, AT4G28590, AT2G21370, AT5G05690, AT1G18730, AT4G26080, AT3G61190, AT2G47560, AT5G64530, AT5G47870, AT5G53650, AT1G77880, AT2G34060, AT4G21440, AT2G45440, AT1G75430, AT2G35700, AT3G03850, AT5G01340, AT4G18650, AT5G51845, AT1G03930, AT2G36040, AT4G31380, AT2G41990, AT5G51810, AT4G00120, AT5G08510, AT1G79190, AT2G22910, AT3G62650, AT4G39280, AT2G36680, AT5G67180, AT3G19150, AT2G45430, AT4G01720, AT3G14850, AT2G41312, AT2G04570, AT5G57685, AT3G15770, AT1G12310, AT1G77200, AT3G57550, AT2G38610, AT3G50610, AT1G21430, AT5G61380, AT5G14550, AT1G01830, AT4G30074, AT2G22780, AT1G27050, AT5G62360, AT5G62350, AT5G46690, AT3G12940, AT2G46420, AT3G21780, AT1G16510, AT3G05030, AT1G08910, AT1G74670, AT2G34780, AT2G17480, AT2G26680, AT2G46520, AT1G26270, AT1G08510, AT2G46320, AT3G11600, AT2G02130, AT2G32410, AT1G56580, AT4G36900, AT1G19770, AT5G04940, AT5G04770, AT5G06790, AT1G52890, AT1G32650, AT1G30825, AT4G01330, AT1G17400, AT5G40740, AT5G51910, AT4G34060, AT4G21510, AT2G41290, AT3G13970, AT4G24790, AT2G28120, AT4G29930, AT3G15210, AT3G52460, AT5G10970, AT2G29320, AT1G10657, AT3G09870, AT4G36910, AT1G20170, AT2G41540, AT4G17240, AT3G24503, AT1G54120, AT2G46240, AT3G51980, AT3G54000, AT2G38860, AT3G47620, AT3G55000, AT4G15550, AT5G16070, AT3G28070, AT1G49600, AT3G51650, AT1G28570, AT1G70290, AT1G70420, AT5G58450, AT2G47440, AT5G47910, AT1G64780, AT5G14120, AT4G26200, AT2G46530, AT5G02020, AT4G17890, AT4G32980, AT5G61600, AT3G10745, AT4G19400, AT1G03300, AT3G07160, AT4G37980, AT1G67300, AT2G28610, AT4G26780, AT5G41050, AT1G73250, AT5G15580, AT2G08986, AT1G74910, AT3G62620, AT3G05220, AT2G46510, AT3G23170, AT5G01365, AT3G05770, AT3G25570, AT3G46970, AT1G50055, AT5G25620, AT3G01080, AT1G78070, AT2G40430, AT2G20700, AT4G16650, AT4G21960, AT5G53150, AT4G24140, AT2G25900, AT2G39630, AT5G15990, AT5G44260, AT4G28760, AT5G20180, AT4G28770, AT3G55850, AT2G12462, AT2G12405, AT3G60070, AT5G51790, AT4G21570, AT5G57330, AT4G00880, AT1G02220, AT3G11690, AT2G46660, AT3G06030, AT2G45970, AT5G11140, AT4G37740, AT3G46660, AT1G74430, AT5G17840, AT5G11360, AT1G11440, AT2G47000, AT2G02710, AT3G54820, AT2G01180, AT4G00180, AT5G56780, AT2G37940, AT1G54820, AT4G08930, AT4G23810, AT3G10360, AT2G36860, AT1G49630, AT4G21750, AT1G07650, AT2G37925, AT4G24540, AT2G45960, AT3G61560, AT2G39660, AT4G38680, AT5G67350, AT2G41740, AT5G13950, AT5G62370, AT3G17400, AT3G44720, AT1G09500, AT5G46720, AT5G11977, AT1G21150, AT1G01470, AT5G46270, AT5G63530, AT5G07800, AT2G38940, AT2G41550, AT2G29090, AT4G23260, AT1G14890, AT4G04670, AT1G17145, AT1G70895, AT1G58340, AT2G47260, AT2G01905, AT1G14685, AT3G53990, AT2G05790, AT2G36320, AT3G62270, AT1G77930, AT5G47570, AT1G19300, AT3G06550, AT3G27540, AT4G37420, AT1G31070, AT4G36700, AT2G36420, AT5G18460, AT3G14870, AT5G13590, AT3G10340, AT2G42420, AT5G60570, AT2G34510, AT2G02820, AT5G12440, AT1G29290, AT2G39170, AT1G25425, AT1G27120, AT5G57785, AT4G17695, AT3G18850, AT1G62660, AT2G32480, AT4G23980, AT5G56040, AT1G66840, AT3G23460, AT2G40450, AT3G16500, AT1G64760, AT2G15320, AT1G13195, AT4G21170, AT3G54940, AT1G75460, AT2G28870, AT4G38690, AT3G22410, AT3G06840, AT2G01980, AT5G59710, AT4G04630, AT5G43270, AT1G78590, AT2G47170, AT1G69420, AT1G65730, AT4G10695, AT1G14770, AT4G12320, AT5G17870, AT3G25180, AT4G39390, AT4G30935, AT4G02720, AT3G61950, AT1G08920, AT2G40480, AT1G76370, AT2G43350, AT5G65490, AT5G15870, AT3G48520, AT1G73870, AT4G39070, AT1G70150, AT4G38810, AT2G45690, AT1G26208, AT3G18490, AT1G23710, AT2G44670, AT3G52940, AT3G60220, AT2G35070, AT5G05600, AT1G15670, AT3G62760, AT2G05290, AT4G11560, AT3G08590, AT4G25260, AT1G30600, AT5G21482, AT2G18900, AT2G42540, AT1G26770, AT5G53510, AT2G17540, AT5G45950, AT4G34530, AT4G01880, AT3G15580, AT3G61250, AT5G25810, AT1G29880, AT3G60080, AT1G75580, AT3G54440, AT4G27870, AT2G46590, AT2G17780, AT4G39260, AT3G17100, AT3G56660, AT1G77220, AT1G07160, AT5G37020, AT1G49730, AT4G32300, AT1G08500, AT4G08900, AT4G04210, AT5G47660, AT2G32010, AT5G18030, AT2G47275, AT1G08220, AT2G22760, AT5G59600, AT5G60980, AT5G13330, AT3G53440, AT3G17080, AT4G22200, AT4G28050, AT1G18210, AT3G47580, AT1G77210, AT5G15980, AT4G28300, AT5G40470, AT5G17310, AT3G54320, AT2G42330, AT4G17810, AT1G19940, AT4G36710, AT2G33590, AT5G23940, AT2G45640, AT2G33750, AT4G18620, AT4G32020, AT3G47210, AT4G33580, AT1G16300, AT4G02650, AT4G30130, AT4G18980, AT4G13520, AT3G17860, AT1G10020, AT1G79970, AT5G03140, AT1G25420, AT2G39720, AT3G59765, AT1G51140, AT4G24660, AT3G57530, AT4G10310, AT5G15320, AT3G11090, AT4G21740, AT1G55610, AT3G50760, AT3G17640, AT5G10100, AT5G06440, AT2G42388, AT3G03480, AT5G25170, AT1G33720, AT5G66052, AT1G78260, AT2G39410, AT1G73600, AT4G24550, AT3G62660, AT5G67300, AT1G11850, AT3G02110, AT2G22970, AT3G23760, AT4G13800, AT4G38630, AT3G52480, AT3G06035, AT2G22840, AT5G43410, AT2G29650, AT2G37770, AT3G60640, AT2G36940, AT4G17230, AT5G66920, AT4G33300, AT5G25160, AT3G49930, AT1G76480, AT1G80840, AT3G22160, AT3G19970, AT2G28305, AT2G38060, AT3G26990, AT4G24040, AT4G31800, AT4G34050, AT4G11530, AT4G02510, AT4G38440, AT4G01530, AT1G80120, AT4G02440, AT4G09180, AT5G66310, AT3G23690, AT4G14400, AT4G00820, AT4G35910, AT1G02350, AT2G25850, AT2G37950, AT2G45260, AT4G26795, AT2G40300, AT2G23120, AT3G46850, AT5G45310, AT1G78970, AT4G23030, AT5G58610, AT4G40020, AT1G71030, AT5G57780, AT3G29370, AT4G23670, AT5G23250, AT2G46790, AT2G18970, AT4G04490, AT3G16240, AT1G11260, AT3G04470, AT3G57920, AT2G44940, AT2G44820, AT2G33800, AT4G39350, AT5G43150, AT3G27470, AT4G35905, AT4G13395, AT1G12080, AT2G31130, AT3G52910, AT5G59770, AT2G23945, AT3G63070, AT2G47730, AT2G40860, AT4G05050, AT1G11710, AT4G05010, AT5G48880, AT4G18710, AT2G47700, AT4G30090, AT3G49530, AT1G71710, AT3G63010, AT5G01520, AT1G02840, AT5G49720, AT3G51920, AT1G10850, AT4G27270, AT5G65110, AT3G06760, AT4G03280, AT3G49880, AT1G29660, AT2G46600, AT4G23630, AT5G62760, AT5G09810, AT2G41140, AT1G47490, AT5G66200, AT4G13530, AT5G42650, AT1G23380, AT1G25230, AT4G32030, AT5G56530, AT5G65740, AT1G03730, AT2G22820, AT5G41600, AT1G47530, AT3G52180, AT2G39010, AT5G64735, AT4G23000, AT2G17730, AT1G75250, AT5G11640, AT3G24420, AT3G52370, AT3G12930, AT2G25490, AT1G51150, AT1G07540, AT4G27980, AT5G14210, AT3G25760, AT5G24270, AT3G12710, AT1G61667, AT5G19290, AT2G38530, AT3G16857, AT2G27050, AT1G19920, AT3G49260, AT5G47610, AT3G22120, AT3G17185, AT3G21670, AT3G07700, AT3G01360, AT1G07210, AT3G15570, AT2G21380, AT4G28490, AT2G17560, AT5G20630, AT4G39800, AT1G27370, AT1G53230, AT5G63500, AT3G14000, AT4G11485, AT4G33240, AT3G48550, AT5G11740, AT5G53550, AT4G32330, AT1G17120, AT1G55920, AT3G03990, AT3G14750, AT2G41710, AT5G46250, AT4G30980, AT5G62220, AT4G31500, AT5G59820, AT4G13830, AT4G37530, AT4G36540, AT1G18670, AT4G00730, AT3G02125, AT4G34790, AT4G30860, AT3G23030, AT1G18610, AT2G24260, AT4G27430, AT3G15850, AT1G20010, AT3G22400, AT2G27550, AT5G09850, AT5G11060, AT5G10980, AT4G17090, AT1G67750, AT1G05570, AT1G30330, AT2G38290, AT1G76954, AT1G22410, AT3G27880, AT1G61255, AT2G19790, AT5G65300, AT5G39610, AT5G60910, AT1G26590, AT3G54890, AT2G22250, AT1G04400, AT5G15410, AT4G24805, AT2G20290, AT1G62580, AT2G36840, AT1G75640, AT1G04370, AT1G62990, AT4G21900, AT4G39990, AT3G21430, AT3G07760, AT2G31220, AT5G47640, AT4G05370, AT4G19200, AT4G24240, AT4G21745, AT2G28390, AT1G18870, AT4G37800, AT4G26790, AT3G10970, AT4G22550, AT1G54575, AT5G39240, AT2G33810, AT2G48030, AT3G02140, AT5G58930, AT5G25220, AT4G29260, AT4G22950, AT2G30090, AT4G33945, AT5G58900, AT2G17370, AT2G32970, AT3G44310, AT3G46780, AT5G64080, AT5G65305, AT4G37235, AT2G36270, AT4G29060, AT1G49230, AT4G18820, AT1G72990, AT5G12170, AT4G22780, AT3G20460, AT2G38070, AT1G07135, AT2G41530, AT1G55850, AT4G34930, AT2G28880, AT2G46300, AT4G29190, AT1G74960, AT4G11280, AT2G29980, AT4G26090, AT1G70050, AT2G42800, AT5G20110, AT5G52390, AT3G09440, AT1G01630, AT2G39860, AT5G62570, AT5G67190, AT5G51545, AT5G01215, AT4G22190, AT1G63950, AT1G09812, AT4G02330, AT5G52430, AT5G66800, AT2G18950, AT5G41890, AT3G04080, AT1G22540, AT2G40910, AT1G32710, AT3G01980, AT1G56680, AT1G21540, AT2G35760, AT3G47570, AT5G54620, AT2G40110, AT1G58360, AT3G17590, AT3G18540, AT3G55880, AT5G10030, AT2G46220, AT1G07150, AT4G14270, AT3G23040, AT4G35900, AT2G45050, AT2G42870, AT3G50560, AT3G54010, AT3G19130, AT4G25610, AT4G13890, AT5G52900, AT5G65120, AT3G10040, AT2G45330, AT5G23020, AT4G35580, AT2G37170, AT4G09965, AT1G05370, AT5G01410, AT5G53410, AT4G10290, AT1G09480, AT3G62630, AT1G05070, AT2G30320, AT1G33600, AT4G13350, AT5G20190, AT4G39795, AT2G19220, AT5G46170, AT1G22040, AT3G55620, AT1G01900, AT2G27830, AT3G17120, AT3G58720, AT2G40750, AT1G55110, AT2G22800, AT1G49030, AT3G49220, AT5G42040, AT3G51895, AT5G65660, AT1G13260, AT4G26700, AT2G38120, AT3G16870, AT1G11310, AT4G26690, AT4G39920, AT5G13370, AT4G01130, AT4G01940, AT1G48330, AT5G48960, AT4G12570, AT1G03870, AT1G66330, AT4G39980, AT4G18830, AT4G14590, AT4G38520, AT2G22125, AT3G57470, AT3G26440, AT1G56240, AT2G42200, AT3G62735, AT1G50650, AT3G60890, AT3G55710, AT2G44760, AT2G45910, AT2G03730, AT2G35820, AT4G27060, AT5G63900, AT1G72310, AT1G75730, AT3G44170, AT5G57960, AT4G20830, AT1G10370, AT2G01500, AT2G48020, AT3G60690, AT1G02230, AT1G06180, AT1G13280, AT1G32337, AT1G57990, AT2G28405, AT2G42380, AT3G23530, AT3G22440, AT1G04830, AT4G23900, AT4G34380, AT4G13100, AT1G64380, AT5G20700, AT3G07540, AT5G24770, AT2G30810, AT2G21180, AT1G02620, AT1G67320, AT4G26120, AT3G51660, AT5G63800, AT2G42570, AT2G43820, AT3G48000, AT3G52105, AT3G45610, AT1G73687, AT2G36470, AT4G27240, AT1G33240, AT3G23870, AT5G35550, AT1G19340, AT5G02580, AT3G23635, AT5G24830, AT4G14880, AT5G05590, AT5G35430, AT4G30000, AT4G13180, AT1G16950, AT5G57670, AT1G69900, AT3G46010, AT5G65890, AT3G14067, AT1G75180, AT4G14130, AT1G24270, AT2G01940, AT5G49330, AT2G17270, AT2G41940, AT2G45590, AT2G37640, AT3G57870, AT3G59060, AT5G13090, AT4G21970, AT5G40460, AT2G16370, AT2G46720, AT1G13700, AT5G64810, AT2G40000, AT5G15850, AT5G64870, AT2G34720, AT4G32480, AT3G60760, AT5G64410, AT1G12630, AT1G09530, AT4G27420, AT4G12980, AT3G13690, AT2G27860, AT4G39830, AT4G34920, AT3G28720, AT4G29905, AT5G25280, AT1G57680, AT5G15860, AT1G17620, AT5G35560, AT2G44130, AT4G27720, AT3G48510, AT4G38070, AT4G27300, AT2G27700, AT1G53840, AT3G28920, AT3G16510, AT2G23290, AT4G34800, AT5G14740, AT1G69410, AT3G06060, AT3G53280, AT1G51440, AT5G19350, AT2G47190, AT1G53760, AT3G21090, AT2G40150, AT5G47790, AT3G57220, AT5G59580, AT5G11380, AT2G21130, AT5G55920, AT2G28840, AT1G71440, AT3G16370, AT3G44610, AT5G47820, AT3G56080, AT3G02040, AT1G65520, AT4G21192, AT5G59540, AT4G30440, AT5G15230, AT5G19090, AT1G30090, AT4G33180, AT3G21330, AT5G66590, AT2G14890, AT4G27610, AT4G04040, AT1G75750, AT2G39220, AT1G69150, AT3G22840, AT5G55960, AT4G38080, AT4G15480, AT2G44230, AT5G45280, AT2G03070, AT2G28540, AT3G04640, AT1G18360, AT1G12830, AT1G75820, AT1G68480, AT5G43810, AT4G19700, AT3G57030, AT1G21990, AT3G22420, AT1G63130, AT1G01650, AT4G34580, AT2G33770, AT2G46490, AT4G18070, AT2G46710, AT1G20650, AT5G37960, AT1G68620, AT4G16520, AT3G55030, AT4G00950, AT5G02590, AT1G68530, AT5G44910, AT2G28140, AT3G59010, AT1G64710, AT5G63050, AT4G40070, AT5G09730, AT4G29735, AT1G69370, AT3G60520, AT1G80420, AT5G24000, AT5G10290, AT3G07510, AT2G03040, AT4G15260, AT4G16770, AT3G16010, AT5G13100, AT5G51120, AT2G14080, AT3G28340, AT5G01747, AT2G33470, AT5G44568, AT5G65430, AT1G18890, AT5G24990, AT3G04090, AT1G64050, AT1G12380, AT1G19490, AT3G52440, AT3G60280, AT1G16150, AT4G16690, AT1G53580, AT1G24145, AT3G51950, AT5G37300, AT5G59790, AT1G77500, AT1G61520, AT5G60190, AT3G04860, AT5G01595, AT5G03380, AT5G39040, AT5G42620, AT2G33385, AT2G40840, AT3G16830, AT4G35840, AT1G75500, AT1G02720, AT4G33666, AT2G41880, AT3G55370, AT3G51940, AT1G14920, AT4G37890, AT3G11780, AT3G04430, AT4G14210, AT2G36220, AT1G75570, AT3G04120, AT2G38920, AT4G17950, AT3G01880, AT1G66600, AT2G37080, AT3G61970, AT3G55734, AT3G52500, AT5G48200, AT4G36220, AT5G22460, AT3G02570, AT1G67530, AT5G40340, AT2G36910, AT5G15160, AT1G30570, AT2G33150, AT5G24040, AT3G24050, AT3G47600, AT2G45600, AT5G36160, AT1G31830, AT5G21940, AT3G62970, AT3G11270, AT1G53090, AT4G31410, AT2G21880, AT2G04800, AT2G20570, AT3G09850, AT5G13220, AT3G05980, AT1G14620, AT3G21270, AT3G48750, AT3G53460, AT1G61740, AT2G43060, AT3G59660, AT3G15010, AT3G26750, AT2G25690, AT5G59430, AT5G53880, AT3G48450, AT3G04920, AT3G20660, AT2G26100, AT1G09750, AT4G15450, AT5G18010, AT5G61270, AT2G47370, AT2G18080, AT1G45130, AT5G60540, AT2G22530, AT3G11720, AT3G63460, AT1G43920, AT5G41390, AT1G20100, AT2G30990, AT1G70140, AT2G35200, AT5G65630, AT2G21570, AT1G73840, AT3G11760, AT1G71870, AT4G36550, AT5G64572, AT5G11000, AT1G65950, AT5G65040, AT4G26600, AT5G47560, AT1G17130, AT4G34590, AT1G08190, AT1G20330, AT5G55250, AT2G41820, AT3G02070, AT5G46730, AT5G49480, AT5G57123, AT3G49580, AT3G61510, AT2G18670, AT4G27050, AT1G23980, AT2G45310, AT3G25727, AT5G13930, AT1G02070, AT5G60450, AT4G00740, AT3G50700, AT1G68570, AT1G05805, AT3G21750, AT1G11240, AT1G68130, AT3G25640, AT2G43340, AT4G34000, AT1G74970, AT1G25560, AT1G01510, AT1G64640, AT4G04920, AT3G03840, AT1G23080, AT4G14455, AT1G72180, AT4G39620, AT2G37140, AT2G44735, AT1G01720, AT3G07010, AT1G05230, AT1G49130, AT3G30775, AT5G62670, AT2G36590, AT3G48360, AT2G33380, AT2G41070, AT1G60950, AT2G44500, AT4G25280, AT4G21910, AT2G33560, AT1G24180, AT5G17980, AT1G78460, AT3G02120, AT2G35945, AT3G48980, AT2G37720, AT3G06850, AT4G30490, AT2G17500, AT1G53310, AT4G18350, AT3G58850, AT1G18620, AT2G43330, AT4G24380, AT1G12580, AT1G03410, AT5G06860, AT1G27040, AT5G66940, AT5G28410, AT5G54400, AT5G53290, AT1G15800, AT2G02950, AT2G14750, AT1G75070, AT5G52120, AT5G60400, AT5G35180, AT2G28850, AT3G24670, AT4G00870, AT2G04550, AT5G65650, AT5G08080, AT2G33570, AT4G15920, AT1G19640, AT1G77740, AT2G28190, AT4G17370, AT5G62280, AT4G34138, AT3G50340, AT3G09030, AT2G37210, AT4G01980, AT5G22430, AT1G22490, AT1G37140, AT4G25730, AT3G18210, AT2G41900, AT1G63690, AT2G28950, AT1G80865, AT1G67050, AT5G64220, AT5G58840, AT5G60850, AT3G12610, AT2G18980, AT2G19930, AT4G16980, AT1G17745, AT1G77280, AT4G22754, AT1G22400, AT1G10070, AT2G39260, AT4G27340, AT5G11990, AT2G43400, AT5G55810, AT5G57120, AT5G28770, AT2G34650, AT4G34980, AT1G21100, AT1G21460, AT2G18010, AT3G04420, AT1G05410, AT3G19515, AT5G45660, AT5G13170, AT1G78960, AT2G34540, AT3G16730, AT3G46600, AT3G17520, AT3G01680, AT2G21188, AT1G19550, AT4G34260, AT1G53160, AT3G03210, AT1G75530, AT4G23820, AT3G15890, AT1G25330, AT2G22900, AT3G47710, AT1G58430, AT2G03090, AT5G03220, AT3G48060, AT2G41310, AT5G58340, AT1G02190, AT3G02180, AT1G76590, AT1G19050, AT2G28150, AT4G26450, AT4G27490, AT1G71930, AT3G54110, AT5G18640, AT5G62440, AT5G24910, AT5G11960, AT5G46240, AT3G53810, AT5G01800, AT4G14615, AT3G60740, AT1G25510, AT3G60440, AT1G68862, AT3G43810, AT1G20510, AT2G32560, AT4G14720, AT3G25770, AT4G34620, AT1G80500, AT5G48800, AT2G05380, AT4G16780, AT2G36307, AT3G45260, AT2G44140, AT1G02660, AT5G14640, AT4G14900, AT1G21835, AT4G34960, AT4G29330, AT1G05700, AT2G40100, AT2G32530, AT3G12150, AT1G71960, AT3G61150, AT1G19330, AT4G17720, AT5G13180, AT4G22235, AT1G31650, AT5G27320, AT5G26147, AT5G47520, AT1G75420, AT2G37630, AT1G12110, AT2G15900, AT1G73370, AT4G27900, AT1G29395, AT4G30470, AT3G51090, AT5G14580, AT5G59070, AT2G44840, AT5G62730, AT1G50020, AT3G09922, AT4G14746, AT1G26930, AT5G01540, AT3G01500, AT2G01570, AT4G29720, AT3G01820, AT3G04240, AT1G55190, AT1G03440, AT4G28040, AT4G29730, AT4G24570, AT5G47060, AT3G62160, AT1G61350, AT2G27690, AT3G23820, AT3G16180, AT1G79120, AT3G11880, AT4G27250, AT3G23490, AT1G35780, AT4G01250, AT3G26680, AT3G45140, AT4G28910, AT5G49730, AT2G39705, AT4G22570, AT4G32060, AT2G36380, AT2G46340, AT1G29440, AT2G42300, AT4G23650, AT1G78250, AT2G31360, AT4G25470, AT3G26744, AT3G18930, AT2G33360, AT1G79540, AT2G25930, AT1G49510, AT4G18950, AT2G32150, AT3G17190, AT4G02410, AT4G25500, AT4G36030, AT5G25040, AT1G25470, AT3G20820, AT3G61310, AT4G00335, AT3G51060, AT4G32990, AT1G78670, AT4G10390, AT3G10985, AT2G42885, AT3G60320, AT3G13620, AT2G24280, AT5G14180, AT5G47010, AT2G20060, AT2G20130, AT2G30980, AT3G14240, AT3G13960, AT3G26080, AT4G03935, AT4G32000, AT3G63060, AT4G22130, AT2G40620, AT5G45650, AT5G50450, AT1G29630, AT1G25450, AT5G05435, AT1G28580, AT2G29290, AT2G28930, AT2G36630, AT2G28056, AT3G06490, AT1G27840, AT1G77290, AT5G27030, AT3G13682, AT1G68500, AT1G12150, AT3G25905, AT1G20440, AT4G02780, AT1G11550, AT5G65280, AT4G32790, AT3G05640, AT2G39890, AT1G64670, AT1G18440, AT5G60790, AT5G60710, AT4G28290, AT3G17330, AT1G72650, AT5G56980, AT3G18250, AT1G71110, AT1G04430, AT5G07675, AT4G02050, AT4G32930, AT1G70510, AT5G51040, AT1G66725, AT1G68870, AT4G23600, AT1G43650, AT2G06050, AT2G45210, AT1G08000, AT1G10745, AT4G31340, AT1G19870, AT5G61670, AT5G11950, AT4G30160, AT4G03210, AT4G29940, AT5G37540, AT2G38820, AT3G53130, AT1G64385, AT2G42530, AT4G17788, AT1G67340, AT2G02080, AT2G07000, AT1G13110, AT4G04830, AT5G62860, AT5G15300, AT4G13000, AT1G69310, AT5G21990, AT5G27150, AT3G52710, AT4G27890, AT5G13630, AT4G39080, AT5G19095, AT3G08760, AT4G30700, AT5G49130, AT1G27360, AT4G37320, AT2G02470, AT1G08300, AT1G69130, AT3G10560, AT5G05190, AT4G18020, AT4G33565, AT5G06250, AT5G53000, AT4G10120, AT1G11660, AT2G42260, AT1G21810, AT2G20940, AT4G37670, AT2G01140, AT2G46450, AT1G15120, AT4G30970, AT4G15440, AT5G07350, AT2G36580, AT5G25290, AT2G24630, AT3G48350, AT3G08600, AT5G62430, AT5G15420, AT3G48690, AT2G22450, AT2G39480, AT5G28030, AT3G52072, AT2G14560, AT2G25010, AT2G18350, AT4G15210, AT5G41380, AT4G27800, AT1G10950, AT3G48090, AT2G47450, AT2G38590, AT1G09520, AT4G16270, AT5G23090, AT3G62750, AT1G48630, AT2G16410, AT5G55620, AT1G73470, AT3G50860, AT5G53830, AT1G01660, AT3G02310, AT2G01850, AT4G28560, AT4G10340, AT5G57710, AT2G39930, AT2G04305, AT3G10525, AT4G14040, AT4G00370, AT4G24020, AT2G42950, AT3G18010, AT1G51400, AT3G06880, AT2G40460, AT4G39640, AT5G46760, AT5G45307, AT4G05150, AT3G51450, AT2G44920, AT3G09000, AT4G12910, AT2G41250, AT4G35165, AT1G11210, AT4G32400, AT1G32550, AT4G30940, AT3G04350, AT4G29700, AT1G21670, AT3G17800, AT5G52660, AT5G64340, AT1G42540, AT4G17830, AT4G19050, AT1G72750, AT1G69270, AT1G62870, AT4G13970, AT2G21580, AT1G80290, AT1G75400, AT2G39710, AT5G63140, AT3G45638, AT3G05510, AT4G37070, AT2G41220, AT3G49630, AT4G19960, AT3G04960, AT3G50930, AT5G10010, AT5G36880, AT1G29500, AT4G20260, AT2G19810, AT1G28170, AT3G14205, AT2G30140, AT4G00810, AT1G78030, AT2G36960, AT3G60966, AT5G44660, AT1G27580, AT4G19440, AT5G21280, AT2G33210, AT2G23130, AT1G18075, AT1G08315, AT5G61410, AT4G04200, AT5G44590, AT5G19730, AT2G34200, AT3G03830, AT3G23110, AT1G78100, AT3G09710, AT4G14430, AT4G20190, AT2G21220, AT1G75450, AT1G72280, AT3G61630, AT3G03460, AT1G52827, AT4G00430, AT4G23496, AT5G25210, AT4G26400, AT2G22810, AT5G04490, AT3G21550, AT5G11790, AT2G46370, AT1G56560, AT5G06390, AT2G40970, AT1G70730, AT4G09900, AT3G57120, AT1G28350, AT5G50350, AT1G08660, AT3G22104, AT3G07340, AT4G19170, AT4G30020, AT3G57410, AT5G28640, AT4G36250, AT3G58120, AT2G28500, AT1G55210, AT3G62090, AT2G23770, AT2G39885, AT2G39450, AT2G45680, AT2G27810, AT5G67110, AT3G47800, AT5G06510, AT2G30480, AT2G45290, AT5G02180, AT2G44660, AT3G15450, AT2G28800, AT2G29350, AT2G45660, AT4G33040, AT3G15095, AT3G25060, AT3G10720, AT5G46510, AT2G44740, AT2G41705, AT1G26870, AT4G23760, AT3G48050, AT1G23100, AT1G62030, AT5G41860, AT5G47180, AT5G13360, AT1G69570, AT3G12560, AT3G07690, AT5G03520, AT1G60940, AT3G55560, AT2G39700, AT4G34120, AT4G15610, AT2G42830, AT1G69120, AT1G68825, AT5G03370, AT3G02470, AT5G07980, AT4G30180, AT2G25430, AT3G01060, AT3G14560, AT1G68350, AT5G22570, AT1G79630, AT2G33870, AT1G76970, AT3G25070, AT4G29310, AT5G07290, AT3G04140, AT2G47060, AT4G22070, AT3G14770, AT3G15810, AT5G67290, AT4G17098, AT3G11700, AT5G59140, AT3G14720

Protein-protein interaction network

The number of partners (degree) is: 28 (Top5%)

click to view PPI network

Differentially expressed condition

6 conditions

SeriesControlTreatmentLog2FCAdj. P value
GSE26679Col, WT, GC 0 hCol, WT, GC 18 h-2.522.16E-03
GSE37269Ei2, WT, controlEi2, WT, TEV 21 d-2.851.17E-02
GSE37269St0, WT, controlSt0, WT, TEV 21 d-3.024.72E-03
GSE45212Col, med14, PstDC3000 AvrRpt2 0 hCol, med14, PstDC3000 AvrRpt2 12 h-2.143.94E-07
GSE45212Col, med14, PstDC3000 AvrRpt2 0 hCol, med14, PstDC3000 AvrRpt2 8 h-1.999.63E-07
GSE52979Col, WT, oxo_C14_HSLCol, WT, oxo_C14_HSL flg22_2 h-1.591.74E-02

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