Gene: AT3G14230

Gene description

TAIR ID: AT3G14230

Short description: related to AP2 2

Pathogen responsiveness: -2.24

General responsiveness: -0.95


Rice: No orthologous gene


Wheat: No orthologous gene

GO biological process

ethylene-activated signaling pathway, regulation of transcription, DNA-templated, response to hypoxia, regulation of gene expression, transcription

GO cellular component


GO molecular function

DNA binding, transcription factor activity, sequence-specific DNA binding

Protein domain

PfamPF00847, AP2 domain

Metabolic pathway

Not involved in metabolic pathway

KEGG pathway

Not involved in KEGG pathway

Transcriptional regulation

AT4G24540, AT2G45660, AT1G24260, AT2G20180, AT2G22540

AT4G08570, AT5G09720, AT5G27770, AT5G14090, AT1G14120, AT5G12320, AT2G21490, AT1G74770, AT5G11960, AT5G62627, AT3G52285, AT4G38495, AT3G15540, AT4G14548, AT1G45249, AT1G76880, AT5G36550, AT4G27290, AT5G05750, AT2G19520, AT4G07795, AT5G40700, AT3G50800, AT4G28100, AT4G29010, AT4G06571, AT4G15460, AT5G36460, AT3G49305, AT3G56170, AT5G44730, AT1G29010, AT4G35020, AT4G06496, AT1G64235, AT3G04000, AT3G06962, AT3G13820, AT1G06390, AT3G23480, AT3G60910, AT5G14470, AT4G13090, AT3G55440, AT5G40990, AT1G58190, AT4G20310, AT5G51030, AT1G36700, AT1G35670, AT1G55700, AT3G20940, AT1G09280, AT3G25280, AT1G14685, AT4G05460, AT1G68580, AT3G42860, AT1G63070, AT5G06000, AT4G29300, AT4G23260, AT3G44325, AT1G61165, AT5G56920, AT5G56360, AT5G24690, AT1G67855, AT5G41440, AT5G45660, AT5G36420, AT3G08950, AT4G27870, AT1G52740, AT3G13830, AT1G77220, AT3G49570, AT1G31812, AT5G28570, AT5G24340, AT1G30100, AT2G06245, AT5G59940, AT1G64540, AT4G18960, AT5G36430, AT5G50290, AT1G04980, AT5G48320, AT3G14700, AT4G19410, AT1G23850, AT5G10440, AT1G61340, AT1G05180, AT3G32415, AT5G19257, AT3G47550, AT3G04840, AT2G19850, AT2G27080, AT5G47520, AT3G02440, AT4G22270, AT3G52940, AT3G62550, AT5G57770, AT3G48310, AT1G49260, AT5G04740, AT2G21660, AT1G51210, AT1G05550, AT1G52210, AT2G40580, AT1G17540, AT2G40480, AT2G25975, AT2G16550, AT1G66120, AT5G28940, AT2G13110, AT3G58620, AT1G34070, AT1G15950, AT4G16146, AT2G38420, AT3G60900, AT5G36380, AT3G07680, AT2G16750, AT2G47170, AT1G68140, AT3G32393, AT4G10060, AT5G30942, AT1G51230, AT1G27240, AT4G22753, AT3G59480, AT2G28510, AT4G28915, AT1G78820, AT5G36480, AT2G01170, AT3G16580, AT5G19830, AT2G19796, AT5G48920, AT1G14730, AT3G10985, AT1G32730, AT4G13080, AT3G02240, AT5G47077, AT5G14160, AT2G40270, AT5G42220, AT2G27310, AT5G32540, AT3G15600, AT2G44200, AT5G14750, AT3G17860, AT5G20990, AT4G15690, AT3G30180, AT2G24670, AT3G46550, AT3G06483, AT1G65450, AT5G10300, AT5G42390, AT2G33610, AT5G18160, AT4G03813, AT4G31400, AT4G29070, AT4G16805, AT4G00970, AT3G20770, AT4G02410, AT4G13075, AT1G67690, AT4G07415, AT3G44260, AT3G08690, AT2G35635, AT3G04600, AT3G21490, AT1G29930, AT1G57980, AT4G11980, AT2G22470, AT5G36500, AT1G67060, AT5G44970, AT4G39860, AT4G08250, AT1G54410, AT1G76320, AT2G32960, AT4G09425, AT4G13265, AT4G22214, AT3G29185, AT1G13270, AT1G11265, AT5G28141, AT2G02120, AT5G57610, AT1G08650, AT1G01910, AT2G31720, AT2G20250, AT2G21670, AT2G46630, AT2G38410, AT3G52030, AT3G16180, AT2G06710, AT2G10800, AT3G57790, AT4G32080, AT1G47880, AT1G69828, AT4G28970, AT2G05087, AT5G48370, AT3G53920, AT1G54440, AT3G01450, AT2G35733, AT4G28600, AT4G04745, AT1G09920, AT4G32720, AT3G42660, AT5G65140, AT2G44340, AT1G35465, AT2G27200, AT5G13260, AT1G68800, AT2G29890, AT5G59930, AT1G69825, AT4G16120, AT4G19670, AT5G47445, AT1G70782, AT5G45240, AT2G24960, AT2G13920, AT2G07678, AT5G13205, AT3G14050, AT5G05740, AT5G48910, AT5G28664, AT4G11530, AT5G25490, AT2G35890, AT3G22421, AT2G24696, AT1G70949, AT4G09090, AT5G56369, AT1G61095, AT1G14590, AT5G40348, AT3G57020, AT1G07300, AT5G36450, AT1G12800, AT3G60640, AT3G43880, AT5G12310, AT5G14370, AT1G66580, AT5G27940, AT5G61228, AT2G40081, AT5G16530, AT5G20690, AT3G09390, AT5G36360, AT2G38970, AT3G48480, AT5G16860, AT4G31351, AT1G60545, AT2G38770, AT1G62310, AT4G03490, AT3G12930, AT5G39200, AT3G61330, AT1G10530, AT3G46640, AT4G14743, AT3G49180, AT5G28030, AT1G22620, AT5G51140, AT2G43210, AT5G61000, AT5G33290, AT3G63270, AT1G73620, AT5G18770, AT4G19690, AT5G36510, AT1G28685, AT1G62225, AT2G34357, AT5G60680, AT5G37055, AT5G24920, AT1G48360, AT4G07750, AT3G07420, AT2G12083, AT3G11800, AT5G39560, AT1G64250, AT5G18940, AT5G38880, AT1G17255, AT1G76110, AT5G47110, AT4G33565, AT3G42565, AT2G47600, AT5G61220, AT1G74020, AT1G36570, AT2G24730, AT3G16432, AT4G16990, AT1G73180, AT2G38130, AT1G77150, AT5G41430, AT5G06140, AT3G55670, AT5G46660, AT4G36460, AT5G16505, AT4G37320, AT4G06644, AT2G31400, AT5G28260, AT2G36010, AT4G09810, AT2G33205, AT1G67970, AT2G32020, AT5G43150, AT2G07270, AT2G36000, AT5G66350, AT2G01390, AT5G37383, AT5G38980, AT5G08110, AT3G51320, AT3G28153, AT4G11393, AT4G27130, AT1G60980, AT1G05530, AT5G15740, AT1G64160, AT1G66350, AT5G01900, AT1G48710, AT5G49880, AT4G13330, AT1G69818, AT5G65960, AT3G59923, AT3G32275, AT3G30570, AT4G13640, AT2G19146, AT2G30250, AT5G54140, AT4G31310, AT2G21580, AT1G20010, AT1G55680, AT5G44562, AT1G44875, AT1G44641, AT1G74460, AT5G43930, AT3G61180, AT1G08460, AT2G31570, AT3G43990, AT2G22350, AT1G44980, AT1G53560, AT3G46630, AT3G29791, AT4G12910, AT2G33920, AT2G34710, AT4G29660, AT3G16190, AT4G30940, AT3G16320, AT2G26880, AT3G06995, AT1G66190, AT4G12150, AT4G21215, AT1G52191, AT4G13270, AT1G13670, AT5G09880, AT1G23920, AT2G18245, AT2G13700, AT5G56452, AT1G29460, AT5G15470, AT4G31730, AT3G42712, AT4G10340, AT1G01920, AT5G03940, AT4G24390, AT5G43390, AT4G26460, AT1G22360, AT1G29465, AT2G33580, AT3G52990, AT5G08560, AT1G33960, AT5G20225, AT2G15128, AT4G37080, AT5G36690, AT5G18950, AT1G61440, AT5G59030, AT1G70780, AT4G10890, AT4G20030, AT5G43820, AT2G33600, AT5G55855, AT3G30841, AT2G05294, AT5G64790, AT2G34700, AT5G47120, AT5G38890, AT2G46580, AT3G62640, AT5G56090, AT2G02440, AT3G50110, AT2G14660, AT4G23220, AT1G12660, AT2G39350, AT3G46382, AT2G36325, AT5G38975, AT5G62830, AT4G15910, AT1G17950, AT2G17370, AT2G44450, AT2G38810, AT3G17290, AT1G11362, AT2G19690, AT5G06590, AT2G30820, AT2G13690, AT2G40080, AT4G16730, AT3G27965, AT5G12230, AT5G36657, AT5G38040, AT2G22810, AT1G40113, AT3G21530, AT1G04570, AT1G17545, AT3G61185, AT3G58660, AT4G09300, AT5G51270, AT1G12940, AT5G36540, AT2G02147, AT4G27500, AT3G46460, AT1G30500, AT3G52941, AT1G36550, AT1G78520, AT1G04400, AT5G35195, AT1G61120, AT5G19420, AT1G70190, AT1G49410, AT4G35560, AT5G39360, AT4G31354, AT4G05594, AT2G34200, AT5G43710, AT1G11620, AT1G19835, AT5G12290, AT4G14358, AT3G54290, AT4G00420, AT1G61563, AT1G43897, AT1G78030, AT3G01310, AT2G47060, AT5G51795, AT4G23210, AT1G06040, AT3G29792, AT5G62900, AT4G14480, AT3G26910, AT5G15270, AT2G14793, AT5G20030, AT1G29260, AT1G21945, AT2G21680, AT4G05620, AT2G36355, AT2G15660, AT3G08040, AT5G05990, AT5G54210, AT4G10930, AT4G33925, AT1G03660, AT3G06437, AT2G32460, AT4G30650, AT4G28980, AT1G33855, AT5G08390, AT1G21220, AT2G20260, AT1G35320, AT5G10250, AT3G15320, AT1G16400, AT1G64820, AT2G42830, AT3G21260, AT5G36520, AT3G05130, AT2G17740, AT1G02820, AT3G31406, AT1G65040, AT5G35130, AT4G28790, AT3G48205, AT2G04035, AT5G13360, AT2G12905, AT1G18040, AT3G61177, AT3G10720, AT5G01215, AT5G01140, AT1G15990, AT4G21760, AT3G47070, AT3G25715, AT4G10955, AT5G11880, AT3G10290, AT3G52110, AT3G42433, AT2G28290, AT1G01270, AT4G29035, AT2G14670, AT3G16660, AT3G25850, AT2G30890, AT2G27290, AT3G23810, AT5G04750, AT5G45720, AT5G24360, AT4G15056, AT4G22470, AT4G29800, AT4G28730, AT1G45474, AT2G36230, AT1G60075, AT5G39980, AT2G04046, AT5G53750, AT3G18530, AT5G48905, AT1G48010, AT3G18680, AT1G57770, AT1G50790, AT1G11310, AT4G06531, AT3G28260, AT3G63160, AT3G32903, AT3G49170, AT4G02810, AT5G12080, AT2G38140, AT5G04390, AT1G02020, AT1G31900, AT2G04710, AT3G50550, AT4G03930, AT3G04735, AT1G53010, AT5G35756, AT4G27650, AT5G24330, AT4G19452, AT1G41870, AT1G01280, AT3G42980, AT5G39300, AT4G35400, AT4G14800, AT3G06820, AT5G36370, AT5G03320, AT5G19640, AT3G03360, AT4G14440, AT3G27530, AT2G26330, AT2G16870, AT3G53050, AT4G06537, AT1G31870, AT5G52030, AT5G60200, AT4G39795, AT5G36320, AT4G23250, AT2G03450, AT1G77215, AT5G22315, AT3G30744, AT5G49860, AT5G62960, AT4G09380, AT5G53210, AT4G10960, AT2G14455, AT4G11780, AT5G36530, AT5G04520, AT5G40830, AT3G02400, AT1G24267, AT2G31890, AT2G15090, AT5G58003, AT2G23720, AT2G14000, AT1G10000, AT1G67500, AT2G17442, AT4G19390, AT1G34470, AT4G27180, AT5G37880, AT1G36090, AT2G13128, AT5G30480, AT5G55300, AT1G16950, AT5G22680, AT4G04020, AT1G71000, AT4G23180, AT4G25434, AT3G23870, AT1G11810, AT3G22520, AT1G58220, AT4G20020, AT1G17210, AT5G02580, AT2G17845, AT1G14340, AT1G35143, AT2G07340, AT3G10030, AT5G08600, AT4G04740, AT3G44900, AT3G02230, AT5G43290, AT3G28770, AT5G36737, AT3G12490, AT1G73687, AT2G36470, AT4G06696, AT3G46930, AT1G54090, AT4G31240, AT5G11700, AT1G58180, AT5G20700, AT4G17870, AT5G40720, AT1G65150, AT5G08391, AT4G22220, AT3G23230, AT5G02390, AT1G33060, AT2G28030, AT2G27840, AT3G52115, AT5G11830, AT1G56610, AT1G04830, AT3G27980, AT4G03300, AT5G36980, AT2G07280, AT5G41420, AT5G52600, AT5G66560, AT4G01840, AT1G36940, AT5G16850, AT1G13150, AT5G35910, AT1G58200, AT5G57060, AT1G59835, AT2G12200, AT3G17480, AT1G28500, AT4G33920, AT2G44780, AT2G23630, AT5G15550, AT4G16310, AT3G51644, AT3G24090, AT4G16442, AT2G23093, AT5G44220, AT1G21395, AT5G17030, AT4G12405, AT4G19190, AT5G65340, AT2G29200, AT5G63680, AT1G74300, AT4G11653, AT1G35560, AT1G80880, AT2G06845, AT3G17260, AT3G50970, AT3G13730, AT3G30711, AT5G32513, AT3G02150, AT3G66654, AT4G38890, AT5G63560, AT3G06830, AT3G05880, AT4G18440, AT1G49560, AT5G06070, AT1G74290, AT5G36340, AT2G30350, AT3G42190, AT1G17495, AT4G15140, AT2G13740, AT1G51320, AT5G42810, AT2G34720, AT4G09100, AT1G31740, AT4G15740, AT5G59650, AT3G63380, AT1G22680, AT4G01540, AT5G18170, AT3G26561, AT1G21490, AT3G60700, AT3G46560, AT3G60160, AT5G33303, AT2G16592, AT5G44210, AT1G42650, AT2G27315, AT5G58300, AT3G57160, AT1G58140, AT3G23880, AT1G77650, AT4G24170, AT2G16290, AT2G05845, AT5G05230, AT4G03500, AT1G04090, AT1G28830, AT5G45200, AT4G27590, AT5G13181, AT5G46830, AT1G52420, AT5G63670, AT1G34100, AT5G34885, AT5G07030, AT2G15260, AT3G49055, AT2G29340, AT5G44420, AT5G58350, AT3G19650, AT5G44065, AT3G12570, AT3G22425, AT5G36780, AT2G27935, AT4G31950, AT4G07420, AT4G19700, AT2G20465, AT5G51880, AT4G08950, AT5G47980, AT1G60050, AT1G06220, AT1G27250, AT1G20570, AT4G05586, AT5G17480, AT5G48070, AT5G36330, AT2G10590, AT2G16710, AT5G33240, AT3G44710, AT5G02260, AT1G66320, AT3G43025, AT3G26740, AT4G14050, AT3G21070, AT1G54740, AT5G39410, AT1G66460, AT2G06850, AT5G36470, AT1G27210, AT4G33180, AT4G11770, AT1G42470, AT2G19420, AT5G42310, AT5G59110, AT5G52250, AT4G12250, AT3G11200, AT3G47130, AT1G12669, AT3G58570, AT1G47940, AT2G21130, AT1G33607, AT3G45577, AT4G11960, AT1G77000, AT1G67680, AT5G46350, AT1G69320, AT2G21590, AT2G40113, AT4G09795, AT3G28880, AT1G54710, AT1G51440, AT5G55690, AT1G49120, AT3G29572, AT3G07260, AT5G51810, AT5G39950, AT5G08510, AT4G24130, AT4G23380, AT1G08580, AT5G18140, AT1G64355, AT4G04190, AT4G32900, AT2G05010, AT4G04770, AT3G51325, AT3G16520, AT4G37890, AT2G38780, AT3G11780, AT3G59180, AT5G36400, AT3G31374, AT5G12130, AT1G49480, AT1G31500, AT1G17290, AT1G35181, AT5G42620, AT3G63280, AT4G35840, AT5G36410, AT3G56000, AT3G01230, AT4G09850, AT1G33100, AT4G06650, AT4G26080, AT2G34930, AT1G50954, AT2G24660, AT1G65970, AT1G36927, AT3G26780, AT3G14395, AT5G19315, AT3G05330, AT2G14350, AT4G00330, AT5G32620, AT5G39000, AT5G41761, AT3G24170, AT4G01260, AT1G02640, AT1G07410, AT4G38990, AT2G04750, AT5G02750, AT2G44980, AT5G32521, AT3G43304, AT3G50270, AT1G09030, AT4G30950, AT3G52590, AT5G26020, AT1G35930, AT5G20230, AT4G32760, AT1G68530, AT4G14305, AT5G44910, AT2G28140, AT2G25510, AT1G43745, AT4G04077, AT4G17150, AT1G43010, AT4G00750, AT2G32500, AT4G16830, AT5G36490, AT2G14180, AT2G04080, AT2G16005, AT1G10580, AT1G14870, AT3G44680, AT1G66830, AT5G23575, AT5G40740, AT1G45130, AT5G35688, AT2G27800, AT5G28237, AT1G12190, AT1G36150, AT1G58330, AT5G64780, AT2G15100, AT2G10810, AT1G17860, AT3G52620, AT2G19500, AT1G40071, AT3G11750, AT3G59230, AT2G35350, AT1G06630, AT2G12280, AT5G59280, AT4G02820, AT1G28760, AT3G44096, AT2G32170, AT2G20570, AT5G57815, AT2G23660, AT1G64195, AT1G28455, AT1G75170, AT2G27990, AT2G26190, AT2G34020, AT5G43050, AT5G11150, AT3G11410, AT3G59720, AT1G21430, AT4G14805, AT2G31750, AT4G30074, AT1G44870, AT2G42990, AT2G19802, AT1G76650, AT2G38550, AT5G21940, AT3G11680, AT4G13290, AT3G54900, AT1G54670, AT3G29034, AT1G65160, AT1G54680, AT3G54630, AT5G48650, AT2G44255, AT1G68250, AT1G47395, AT1G65640, AT5G26890, AT5G34859, AT1G64625, AT4G10840, AT3G26340, AT3G22057, AT1G35180, AT2G01330, AT2G26600, AT4G31248, AT1G20690, AT1G11590, AT5G41720, AT4G07524, AT2G30220, AT1G67300, AT3G52320, AT1G77910, AT2G47460, AT4G18593, AT1G16000, AT2G31751, AT2G38790, AT3G52605, AT2G19803, AT5G42000, AT1G23870, AT2G19990, AT1G80440, AT2G36240, AT5G54520, AT1G68280, AT4G19940, AT5G35400, AT1G54160, AT3G11940, AT1G28820, AT2G32670, AT1G22050, AT5G25120, AT2G25480, AT5G34858, AT1G47720, AT1G20940, AT3G50960, AT5G14770, AT4G10280, AT5G62040, AT5G60900, AT4G30660, AT3G11810, AT5G18760, AT1G47470, AT3G16330, AT3G56310, AT5G08505, AT2G47440, AT2G29790, AT5G18960, AT3G16920, AT5G25850, AT4G21323, AT5G37720, AT3G42250, AT1G02060, AT1G61670, AT1G20330, AT1G17850, AT5G56060, AT5G38370, AT5G64572, AT1G51820, AT1G24200, AT5G35945, AT4G16410, AT5G42900, AT4G25635, AT1G53000, AT3G20555, AT4G12340, AT4G35810, AT4G30072, AT3G32410, AT1G28590, AT4G39460, AT3G60660, AT5G28894, AT5G41170, AT5G55530, AT4G38040, AT3G22142, AT4G29780, AT4G01160, AT5G26690, AT4G03965, AT1G72200, AT3G14100, AT4G09670, AT2G22620, AT5G17640, AT3G03852, AT4G25010, AT3G48190, AT4G03976, AT2G24540, AT1G10140, AT4G15350, AT3G23100, AT1G66430, AT5G01300, AT1G47210, AT1G62980, AT5G03660, AT4G06504, AT5G36350, AT3G12143, AT5G53940, AT1G51823, AT5G45450, AT2G47000, AT5G36659, AT3G19580, AT4G31620, AT5G28220, AT2G30920, AT1G66440, AT4G13980, AT5G47960, AT5G44416, AT1G30922, AT5G33232, AT2G06640, AT1G08450, AT2G01180, AT5G25757, AT5G18080, AT2G40500, AT2G39230, AT5G51650, AT3G60980, AT5G36660, AT3G61060, AT1G19640, AT5G36658, AT5G42965, AT3G63170, AT2G22905, AT5G14150, AT5G25230, AT5G36310, AT1G35183, AT3G13300, AT4G19720, AT4G03150, AT1G44075, AT4G35837, AT2G23090, AT1G49720, AT5G36390, AT1G48720, AT2G07696, AT2G42460, AT5G06580, AT1G30990, AT5G44260, AT1G05291, AT5G36440, AT2G39300, AT5G07330, AT3G27920, AT1G50055, AT1G69587, AT5G27620, AT3G23670, AT1G22630

Protein-protein interaction network

The number of partners (degree) is: 13 (Top20%)

click to view PPI network

Differentially expressed condition

3 conditions

SeriesControlTreatmentLog2FCAdj. P value
GSE26679Col, edr1, GC 0 hCol, edr1, GC 36 h1.801.53E-11
GSE37269Ei2, WT, controlEi2, WT, TEV 21 d-1.779.24E-03
GSE37269St0, WT, controlSt0, WT, TEV 21 d-1.775.65E-03

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