Gene: AT2G43010

Gene description

TAIR ID: AT2G43010

Short description: phytochrome interacting factor 4

Pathogen responsiveness: 0.77

General responsiveness: 1.83


Rice: No orthologous gene
Maize: No orthologous gene
Wheat: No orthologous gene

GO biological process

red, far-red light phototransduction, red light signaling pathway, regulation of transcription, DNA-templated, regulation of auxin biosynthetic process, de-etiolation, regulation of auxin mediated signaling pathway, red or far-red light signaling pathway, transcription, response to low fluence blue light stimulus by blue low-fluence system

GO cellular component


GO molecular function

protein binding, transcription factor activity, sequence-specific DNA binding

Protein domain

PfamPF00010, Helix-loop-helix DNA-binding domain

Metabolic pathway

Not involved in metabolic pathway

Transcriptional regulation

AT5G13790, AT2G46830, AT2G36270, AT5G11260, AT1G24260, AT1G32640, AT2G43010, AT4G36990

AT2G42570, AT5G63800, AT1G72240, AT2G40280, AT3G26520, AT3G56350, AT3G08940, AT4G21926, AT5G52440, AT1G70200, AT1G11545, AT3G45610, AT1G12420, AT1G64380, AT1G67360, AT5G20700, AT1G02400, AT1G24130, AT1G73480, AT3G51660, AT1G31814, AT5G35525, AT5G57670, AT1G32640, AT1G29450, AT3G55240, AT1G79340, AT3G61750, AT4G02390, AT1G04160, AT5G59810, AT1G75590, AT4G22730, AT3G12320, AT3G14067, AT5G67050, AT5G58465, AT1G63420, AT1G08560, AT1G07440, AT5G02580, AT3G03170, AT5G59740, AT5G04190, AT2G38390, AT5G38520, AT5G18690, AT4G15230, AT1G17500, AT2G25470, AT1G70700, AT4G03320, AT2G06200, AT5G43700, AT3G18710, AT2G36053, AT1G78230, AT5G66570, AT3G53200, AT2G33180, AT4G29900, AT2G27840, AT5G63650, AT2G16835, AT1G15550, AT5G27520, AT3G53820, AT3G49780, AT4G16750, AT1G17840, AT2G40610, AT4G25080, AT2G30230, AT5G65380, AT5G03350, AT1G05880, AT1G25550, AT5G01250, AT3G01750, AT5G04180, AT1G02230, AT1G13280, AT1G36940, AT2G28520, AT1G03180, AT5G41080, AT1G58200, AT3G54810, AT5G52570, AT1G53180, AT1G69030, AT4G23500, AT5G67385, AT5G20635, AT5G67480, AT4G06744, AT3G61680, AT2G47160, AT3G51895, AT3G49220, AT2G15830, AT3G53540, AT5G16023, AT1G13260, AT1G61730, AT3G15500, AT1G66400, AT5G02540, AT2G18170, AT4G19830, AT1G09340, AT3G17120, AT3G02170, AT3G51400, AT4G14140, AT1G03870, AT4G38840, AT5G03150, AT4G28750, AT3G06080, AT4G34230, AT2G41100, AT4G29520, AT3G16870, AT1G15100, AT3G15534, AT4G20070, AT1G51580, AT5G25240, AT5G16910, AT1G54420, AT1G32090, AT3G06778, AT1G69295, AT2G37170, AT1G01110, AT5G06980, AT3G43190, AT2G33040, AT1G35260, AT1G67265, AT2G43910, AT1G34580, AT1G70270, AT5G52900, AT1G11740, AT4G27520, AT2G22426, AT3G12920, AT4G16260, AT1G67590, AT5G23020, AT1G14280, AT3G47640, AT3G06420, AT1G03130, AT2G34315, AT1G32540, AT2G20050, AT4G02380, AT3G47420, AT5G65800, AT4G11540, AT3G28958, AT1G54200, AT2G16365, AT4G23250, AT3G19560, AT3G01550, AT1G71880, AT3G61890, AT1G28130, AT5G54710, AT4G09890, AT3G10974, AT3G45780, AT1G32170, AT5G02260, AT1G70560, AT1G28330, AT2G39220, AT3G50740, AT3G22840, AT5G55960, AT5G59880, AT4G12410, AT5G64300, AT2G38320, AT2G26440, AT1G72610, AT1G49220, AT3G14550, AT1G25275, AT4G02100, AT5G09440, AT5G39860, AT2G01150, AT1G01070, AT2G21200, AT1G23490, AT1G16290, AT1G68620, AT1G05010, AT5G13250, AT5G43810, AT5G20710, AT3G43960, AT1G21990, AT5G03760, AT4G08950, AT1G29090, AT5G16590, AT2G40540, AT3G14210, AT5G18050, AT4G19420, AT4G25620, AT3G19690, AT2G16280, AT2G19670, AT5G55920, AT2G28840, AT4G30370, AT5G48270, AT3G56080, AT3G44610, AT3G23080, AT3G54510, AT2G29730, AT1G50460, AT5G11650, AT4G24150, AT4G38850, AT1G25440, AT1G33560, AT3G54020, AT3G20340, AT5G03180, AT5G15230, AT5G02550, AT1G30680, AT3G59890, AT3G23060, AT5G67020, AT1G20340, AT1G75490, AT5G48460, AT4G29140, AT3G21330, AT3G23700, AT1G70370, AT2G34185, AT3G17820, AT5G66590, AT2G14890, AT5G44572, AT1G53830, AT5G43870, AT1G23040, AT5G16567, AT3G05890, AT5G10930, AT4G03190, AT1G15000, AT2G36310, AT5G59540, AT2G27660, AT2G26695, AT1G30690, AT1G68830, AT1G14185, AT5G53460, AT4G01410, AT1G51940, AT5G66700, AT4G22800, AT4G27330, AT3G54030, AT1G75830, AT1G62380, AT2G43010, AT5G15860, AT4G36010, AT4G16140, AT1G64650, AT3G28040, AT3G62680, AT3G48270, AT5G64870, AT4G30080, AT2G42150, AT1G76250, AT4G28720, AT1G69740, AT5G22910, AT4G39050, AT5G22100, AT3G13790, AT1G05710, AT5G59320, AT3G28650, AT1G79330, AT3G53800, AT4G27300, AT4G32280, AT1G17620, AT4G35180, AT3G02150, AT4G27460, AT4G39404, AT1G14350, AT2G46170, AT2G14880, AT3G05880, AT4G37240, AT4G35190, AT3G05650, AT1G74660, AT1G45110, AT1G22880, AT3G06780, AT4G33560, AT2G37640, AT3G59060, AT5G65980, AT5G60860, AT3G14370, AT2G47010, AT1G52900, AT2G47500, AT4G36360, AT3G61430, AT4G25580, AT2G38180, AT4G14130, AT2G36050, AT2G41750, AT4G23060, AT3G09730, AT5G48900, AT1G32200, AT1G67740, AT5G66090, AT3G54950, AT2G42690, AT3G19680, AT5G07030, AT1G22530, AT1G06070, AT4G36380, AT3G26180, AT1G24530, AT1G14345, AT4G03205, AT3G16851, AT4G15700, AT1G24540, AT2G40000, AT5G59870, AT2G40475, AT1G05490, AT3G13686, AT2G39920, AT1G60190, AT5G44210, AT4G02530, AT1G69890, AT4G13930, AT2G41630, AT2G21210, AT5G66760, AT5G02230, AT1G12190, AT1G69040, AT5G66690, AT5G03210, AT2G47340, AT4G15545, AT2G31940, AT5G18020, AT5G04770, AT1G20070, AT5G18010, AT5G60760, AT1G52890, AT5G54470, AT1G44575, AT2G43060, AT5G06530, AT1G74670, AT2G44798, AT2G46160, AT5G23360, AT1G26270, AT5G11670, AT3G23730, AT2G17290, AT5G59430, AT2G46780, AT5G45350, AT2G19870, AT4G25990, AT5G59010, AT5G42690, AT5G57010, AT1G59920, AT2G37280, AT3G63430, AT3G52460, AT1G10960, AT4G23870, AT4G34650, AT1G14870, AT2G23150, AT5G61270, AT4G01330, AT1G06570, AT1G17400, AT1G45130, AT3G53250, AT4G00150, AT3G15115, AT4G26940, AT2G19802, AT1G73120, AT4G20362, AT1G31920, AT3G61827, AT2G46830, AT1G77200, AT5G46180, AT4G36220, AT1G74650, AT4G37580, AT1G51950, AT4G32870, AT1G70210, AT5G15160, AT1G64625, AT2G22990, AT3G50440, AT5G28150, AT1G20610, AT3G14850, AT1G27050, AT5G08330, AT5G62360, AT2G47780, AT5G62350, AT5G46690, AT4G16515, AT5G50890, AT4G11610, AT5G04140, AT2G41640, AT2G20570, AT2G47940, AT3G21270, AT2G03710, AT4G16500, AT3G45970, AT1G02340, AT2G28200, AT4G02715, AT5G25460, AT5G10990, AT1G17830, AT2G34020, AT1G76740, AT2G22122, AT5G67390, AT1G60450, AT5G49280, AT3G13520, AT1G77500, AT5G03050, AT2G22980, AT5G19140, AT1G21130, AT1G15880, AT5G49170, AT1G75500, AT1G79110, AT1G18730, AT1G73660, AT3G22886, AT1G70940, AT5G04530, AT2G34930, AT3G49360, AT1G15330, AT4G30430, AT2G01620, AT2G46980, AT4G27450, AT5G66080, AT4G28330, AT4G31380, AT2G43000, AT4G27310, AT1G21140, AT1G75430, AT1G03090, AT3G03850, AT5G59220, AT3G62610, AT1G77700, AT1G20620, AT1G72440, AT2G41880, AT5G58660, AT1G14920, AT2G35710, AT2G34640, AT5G54160, AT3G58730, AT1G64710, AT3G11420, AT5G67400, AT3G23090, AT2G46820, AT4G33467, AT4G27260, AT1G55550, AT3G60520, AT2G36870, AT1G17615, AT3G44300, AT5G54530, AT1G03800, AT5G01600, AT5G53660, AT3G13980, AT1G62760, AT1G68560, AT4G38580, AT2G38170, AT3G28340, AT4G12730, AT3G20810, AT5G65430, AT4G10560, AT1G80240, AT3G59340, AT1G06360, AT3G48700, AT3G55840, AT5G24000, AT3G60390, AT4G28530, AT5G14790, AT4G04330, AT4G16770, AT2G21650, AT4G38860, AT3G16010, AT1G44542, AT4G39840, AT2G28950, AT1G10140, AT1G80865, AT1G03600, AT1G67050, AT2G16430, AT4G39210, AT3G12610, AT5G60850, AT1G64390, AT2G22330, AT2G37940, AT4G16980, AT1G03475, AT5G04120, AT5G58600, AT1G23060, AT2G26690, AT5G23210, AT5G05965, AT5G62280, AT1G68840, AT1G11440, AT3G19580, AT3G15530, AT3G50340, AT2G47000, AT4G02090, AT5G11260, AT3G54400, AT1G10410, AT5G62370, AT5G54510, AT3G47010, AT2G34650, AT1G61260, AT1G64860, AT1G61105, AT1G28310, AT1G10070, AT2G22620, AT3G21560, AT1G01320, AT4G35770, AT4G27340, AT1G69770, AT2G41890, AT2G41740, AT5G60460, AT2G39210, AT1G09350, AT5G01790, AT3G49700, AT4G33470, AT4G17420, AT3G25730, AT5G44260, AT1G12980, AT1G79530, AT2G46510, AT3G29575, AT1G34630, AT1G26560, AT3G07350, AT5G25620, AT3G43270, AT1G15800, AT2G03530, AT5G49690, AT3G62570, AT1G22630, AT1G78290, AT5G02190, AT5G39210, AT2G46660, AT5G18080, AT4G37740, AT5G65390, AT1G76730, AT5G39850, AT4G25020, AT1G15350, AT5G53500, AT2G28190, AT5G04130, AT3G55850, AT4G22010, AT2G20670, AT5G54700, AT5G07190, AT4G01510, AT5G63450, AT1G44170, AT5G55830, AT3G03840, AT1G07985, AT3G61198, AT1G15010, AT5G66580, AT5G44020, AT3G61460, AT4G01335, AT1G69260, AT4G30410, AT5G07240, AT1G14700, AT4G16370, AT3G61820, AT5G67030, AT3G50890, AT3G50790, AT5G63810, AT5G56490, AT4G26200, AT1G26850, AT1G21910, AT2G46530, AT4G34000, AT2G38090, AT1G06850, AT5G08141, AT2G42010, AT5G47380, AT5G08130, AT1G64640, AT5G22640, AT1G15180, AT5G15580, AT3G02120, AT5G51210, AT2G37025, AT2G17500, AT4G30490, AT3G58850, AT5G19940, AT5G23870, AT4G36110, AT1G69690, AT2G44910, AT4G36040, AT4G13790, AT2G19660, AT1G69526, AT2G41070, AT4G16480, AT4G14465, AT5G55090, AT3G15030, AT3G27170, AT5G27220, AT1G42550, AT2G33560, AT4G21910, AT4G25280, AT2G16340, AT3G59900, AT5G21950, AT1G23070, AT5G11000, AT4G27950, AT3G11670, AT3G52840, AT5G11520, AT3G43280, AT1G06980, AT4G28650, AT3G05625, AT4G13940, AT3G53232, AT1G27280, AT1G02816, AT5G47740, AT2G35200, AT5G48250, AT1G28590, AT2G43050, AT5G07920, AT1G78860, AT5G07990, AT1G03880, AT2G38400, AT4G36910, AT4G14560, AT1G71870, AT3G50337, AT3G49580, AT5G65470, AT5G66340, AT4G10240, AT4G30660, AT1G70290, AT1G28570, AT1G70420, AT2G42610, AT3G25727, AT5G14360, AT5G13930, AT3G54000, AT5G38510, AT1G19320, AT5G19110, AT3G47620, AT2G40690, AT1G23090, AT4G15550, AT5G59490, AT2G45040, AT5G01240, AT2G44490, AT3G49350, AT1G80130, AT1G10060, AT1G29100, AT1G49500, AT2G34150, AT5G04470, AT1G70310, AT4G25260, AT1G01260, AT4G25640, AT1G22910, AT4G15560, AT4G35750, AT5G07020, AT1G52750, AT3G06125, AT5G44190, AT3G53170, AT1G09250, AT2G44670, AT3G16800, AT1G12110, AT5G18850, AT2G45580, AT5G13140, AT2G03720, AT1G29395, AT5G28050, AT5G52890, AT4G31355, AT5G25190, AT1G16850, AT4G27870, AT1G75580, AT3G17100, AT1G49200, AT4G24972, AT1G06080, AT2G41090, AT5G64260, AT4G27860, AT5G28470, AT3G49570, AT2G01900, AT2G20680, AT5G21482, AT2G32100, AT5G19810, AT3G60530, AT1G50020, AT5G25810, AT4G14746, AT5G59510, AT3G01490, AT3G50330, AT1G12460, AT2G01570, AT5G13820, AT3G01500, AT4G27970, AT1G18330, AT1G35230, AT5G61820, AT3G01860, AT4G39390, AT1G11700, AT4G16780, AT1G02660, AT1G73060, AT4G08850, AT3G53420, AT1G55330, AT5G16030, AT3G23930, AT3G08610, AT4G04630, AT1G74500, AT4G17670, AT4G18940, AT5G47040, AT1G73066, AT4G14720, AT3G29580, AT1G69420, AT1G73680, AT2G04240, AT3G15020, AT3G05630, AT5G28300, AT4G12430, AT3G48520, AT4G39070, AT4G34220, AT1G67920, AT3G08660, AT4G37550, AT2G21660, AT4G38810, AT4G36790, AT1G06580, AT1G65920, AT5G17160, AT1G08920, AT1G33170, AT1G10560, AT5G15870, AT1G05700, AT1G37130, AT1G71960, AT2G20515, AT5G48940, AT5G07000, AT3G50800, AT5G13760, AT3G52470, AT1G23480, AT1G70710, AT1G29270, AT4G17695, AT3G59070, AT5G01820, AT3G43540, AT5G35407, AT3G54940, AT5G13730, AT1G25510, AT1G75460, AT4G25070, AT5G02200, AT5G62880, AT5G60880, AT5G24870, AT4G38690, AT1G31880, AT1G09260, AT4G30420, AT4G37810, AT3G05920, AT4G15160, AT3G28910, AT5G58770, AT1G79370, AT5G24910, AT1G24260, AT1G18460, AT5G46240, AT3G15540, AT3G17830, AT3G57040, AT5G58460, AT1G20900, AT3G10320, AT4G29200, AT4G14750, AT5G49370, AT1G02800, AT5G13170, AT1G07000, AT1G55700, AT2G01450, AT3G17520, AT1G64680, AT2G25625, AT5G13150, AT5G64310, AT4G01680, AT1G56170, AT5G49360, AT3G53990, AT1G20790, AT3G10420, AT1G18400, AT2G37930, AT4G23260, AT3G04420, AT2G18010, AT3G29670, AT3G17510, AT1G19300, AT1G49740, AT5G54970, AT3G47220, AT2G18690, AT1G02250, AT4G36700, AT2G34030, AT1G76100, AT1G76180, AT3G61870, AT2G20760, AT2G28315, AT3G18060, AT2G41310, AT2G46680, AT2G36320, AT1G13245, AT4G17280, AT3G18535, AT1G02205, AT1G12070, AT4G23820, AT2G28940, AT1G31840, AT2G22900, AT1G29910, AT5G38700, AT1G15210, AT5G65140, AT4G23440, AT5G57655, AT1G63670, AT1G19450, AT1G17220, AT3G15640, AT5G48540, AT3G05910, AT1G09420, AT1G19180, AT5G56980, AT4G18660, AT3G57540, AT1G32100, AT1G72500, AT5G50335, AT4G00820, AT1G71110, AT1G02350, AT3G50660, AT2G41410, AT5G61670, AT3G13405, AT2G46790, AT4G11050, AT4G03330, AT2G36190, AT4G13540, AT1G71080, AT1G75388, AT1G79360, AT4G22485, AT3G14760, AT1G78970, AT1G27180, AT4G38460, AT2G45210, AT5G57780, AT1G26150, AT1G19150, AT3G12700, AT5G13990, AT4G01690, AT3G29370, AT5G18060, AT5G09462, AT1G18280, AT1G28580, AT3G17580, AT1G03610, AT2G01420, AT4G09030, AT3G14360, AT2G28056, AT5G66920, AT3G06490, AT5G14370, AT1G56650, AT4G14550, AT3G49930, AT3G23890, AT5G22500, AT5G26140, AT5G14230, AT5G03120, AT4G22810, AT1G72430, AT1G02810, AT1G62480, AT1G25450, AT2G22840, AT4G30400, AT1G29490, AT5G11530, AT4G10020, AT2G01610, AT1G64670, AT3G27060, AT4G37480, AT4G14315, AT2G22170, AT4G16745, AT3G12290, AT3G26170, AT4G22490, AT1G32060, AT1G20440, AT1G01060, AT4G29130, AT1G64660, AT5G65280, AT1G54100, AT5G22920, AT1G26945, AT4G27710, AT5G66110, AT2G35880, AT3G61470, AT1G14540, AT5G05250, AT3G30180, AT5G03140, AT4G15690, AT1G60440, AT5G54585, AT1G51140, AT5G11100, AT3G59765, AT4G24660, AT4G11820, AT3G47250, AT2G32150, AT5G63660, AT1G48350, AT3G46540, AT3G51410, AT1G16300, AT3G63233, AT1G72490, AT3G04903, AT1G23390, AT5G56550, AT1G27670, AT1G73600, AT4G35250, AT2G43140, AT1G72470, AT3G27785, AT5G51460, AT2G37040, AT3G19590, AT1G14730, AT5G23860, AT4G11330, AT1G03170, AT4G10250, AT2G24280, AT5G10100, AT1G70260, AT1G18290, AT2G39200, AT1G19670, AT3G45600, AT1G13270, AT5G18030, AT2G46970, AT1G63840, AT3G63350, AT2G02170, AT2G47770, AT4G38420, AT3G51420, AT4G01250, AT4G32810, AT5G47060, AT3G06750, AT2G41870, AT3G45300, AT3G27960, AT2G14900, AT4G39360, AT3G16180, AT1G08500, AT3G23820, AT4G37770, AT1G23020, AT5G05860, AT2G23760, AT2G31360, AT4G25470, AT5G07010, AT2G39490, AT2G16720, AT4G17810, AT3G24715, AT4G02300, AT5G54670, AT1G22650, AT3G21320, AT2G39705, AT1G64370, AT2G44080, AT4G19120, AT1G29050, AT3G50240, AT1G44830, AT2G37030, AT2G46340, AT2G18560, AT1G77490, AT1G29440, AT1G73550, AT2G38080, AT1G19397, AT5G66230, AT4G29700, AT2G30520, AT3G14650, AT1G03780, AT1G78850, AT2G06166, AT3G28857, AT1G29940, AT5G01740, AT3G56360, AT4G04690, AT3G46630, AT4G18240, AT3G53230, AT5G63350, AT5G62220, AT5G15265, AT4G38740, AT5G40630, AT1G21400, AT4G02075, AT1G68190, AT3G54200, AT5G65790, AT5G44460, AT1G72100, AT3G01513, AT5G41460, AT5G11060, AT2G31005, AT1G66350, AT4G37070, AT2G40700, AT2G22500, AT3G01480, AT1G67750, AT1G56210, AT1G30330, AT1G10550, AT1G07090, AT5G48890, AT3G23030, AT1G70090, AT4G36120, AT1G72150, AT1G33590, AT5G47370, AT4G28660, AT1G20010, AT1G42190, AT3G22400, AT4G15258, AT1G22360, AT5G47610, AT4G30170, AT1G32190, AT4G35500, AT2G35860, AT1G04540, AT3G27690, AT1G67270, AT3G01360, AT4G35060, AT5G26790, AT3G01516, AT4G37080, AT2G19450, AT2G38530, AT2G31082, AT2G01890, AT5G48450, AT3G06880, AT4G02290, AT5G25820, AT5G11740, AT2G18790, AT5G67370, AT2G10940, AT1G29460, AT2G44920, AT5G07200, AT3G26932, AT1G35617, AT3G29644, AT3G15570, AT3G59960, AT5G20630, AT4G39800, AT4G14905, AT1G53230, AT2G18193, AT5G60840, AT5G65810, AT3G54960, AT5G60680, AT5G09810, AT4G11020, AT1G64110, AT1G34110, AT1G21050, AT4G27435, AT4G35110, AT4G35760, AT5G24920, AT5G15420, AT1G23380, AT4G35720, AT5G28630, AT4G23103, AT5G45380, AT4G03280, AT1G29660, AT1G72290, AT2G46600, AT5G50340, AT4G32070, AT2G17730, AT5G12250, AT4G34770, AT4G27980, AT1G12845, AT2G20370, AT4G08160, AT5G06720, AT1G21980, AT1G11120, AT5G24030, AT5G67310, AT1G35830, AT5G47240, AT5G54280, AT2G15000, AT3G63510, AT5G18820, AT3G17130, AT1G18570, AT1G03790, AT4G25100, AT5G10430, AT2G30010, AT1G69530, AT3G61930, AT4G35070, AT3G49690, AT5G06930, AT5G04340, AT1G05835, AT1G76240, AT1G29060, AT5G43150, AT5G18600, AT3G19390, AT4G34520, AT5G02760, AT5G38980, AT4G13395, AT1G24000, AT1G76390, AT3G52910, AT1G12080, AT5G24930, AT1G20450, AT3G49530, AT5G53970, AT1G70430, AT3G29240, AT5G01520, AT4G18550, AT5G54950, AT4G16990, AT5G07270, AT1G12090, AT1G78400, AT1G01580, AT1G73000, AT4G11320, AT2G39980, AT3G49820, AT5G45830, AT3G28180, AT1G04250, AT3G54500, AT5G44440, AT4G30650, AT1G67900, AT1G20190, AT4G25707, AT3G13360, AT2G18700, AT4G30180, AT5G14650, AT1G76185, AT3G18540, AT5G25110, AT5G25200, AT2G04500, AT1G22065, AT5G54190, AT1G29980, AT5G09970, AT2G39700, AT2G24790, AT3G21260, AT1G30560, AT2G47060, AT5G49800, AT2G28490, AT1G06040, AT3G17810, AT3G48260, AT3G54990, AT1G20515, AT4G14480, AT2G42870, AT1G22740, AT5G18570, AT2G40008, AT2G41110, AT5G17165, AT3G02830, AT3G14880, AT2G46220, AT5G26200, AT2G39450, AT2G20750, AT1G80180, AT1G12240, AT1G69160, AT3G15520, AT2G20725, AT3G29360, AT5G02180, AT3G45730, AT3G09300, AT1G62370, AT1G15757, AT1G26773, AT4G17245, AT2G34190, AT4G29190, AT3G54770, AT3G62090, AT5G05180, AT3G16000, AT2G29980, AT2G42800, AT4G11010, AT3G23810, AT3G03820, AT1G78090, AT3G29320, AT5G23350, AT2G37180, AT1G76500, AT4G31370, AT1G23100, AT1G69570, AT4G14690, AT2G45660, AT4G37850, AT1G76090, AT5G15150, AT3G14440, AT5G11970, AT4G33040, AT3G61640, AT3G60380, AT1G10417, AT2G18290, AT1G62770, AT1G53450, AT4G29270, AT2G18950, AT2G35260, AT5G01445, AT4G34760, AT4G25760, AT4G27657, AT1G16858, AT2G40970, AT5G58900, AT4G22360, AT1G52190, AT2G44070, AT1G60060, AT4G37800, AT5G39240, AT5G37010, AT1G80490, AT1G22470, AT1G18580, AT3G21550, AT1G21060, AT3G14020, AT3G56290, AT2G29654, AT1G28335, AT4G22780, AT4G19130, AT4G35480, AT1G14880, AT1G69600, AT2G47430, AT1G31835, AT5G52901, AT3G58120, AT5G14780, AT1G53520, AT1G33760, AT2G04270, AT4G25630, AT1G79760, AT4G19170, AT3G59930, AT3G07340, AT1G18650, AT4G05190, AT5G53980, AT5G22740, AT4G34710, AT5G15410, AT3G15720, AT3G24900, AT2G27680, AT2G21510, AT5G06200, AT2G33210, AT1G68010, AT2G23130, AT2G42600, AT4G14815, AT1G18075, AT5G47500, AT1G48260, AT4G25380, AT2G36410, AT3G59940, AT1G72520, AT1G29500, AT1G19840, AT2G19810, AT5G54590, AT5G65300, AT5G61660, AT2G30140, AT5G58520, AT5G57660, AT1G78030, AT2G13650, AT5G47640, AT2G32430, AT1G30490, AT4G37470, AT1G14270, AT5G16570, AT4G05180, AT5G14920, AT3G30340, AT4G21745, AT1G02360, AT3G50750, AT1G01390, AT3G03830, AT1G07010, AT3G12820, AT2G21220, AT3G08030, AT3G44735, AT1G75450

Protein-protein interaction network

The number of partners (degree) is: 21 (Top10%)

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Differentially expressed condition

32 conditions

SeriesControlTreatmentLog2FCAdj. P value
GSE11807Col, WT, water 4 hCol, WT, Flg22 4 h-1.933.65E-04
GSE13739Col, WT, control 0 hCol, WT, G.orontii 6 h-3.312.07E-20
GSE13739Col, eds, control 0 hCol, eds, G.orontii 6 h-3.381.07E-20
GSE17464Laer, controlLaer, Alternaria brassicicola 3 d2.534.71E-08
GSE17464Laer, controlLaer, Flg22 1 h-1.544.89E-04
GSE17464Laer, controlLaer, Flg22 2 h-1.535.13E-04
GSE17464Penta, controlPenta, Alternaria brassicicola 3 d3.101.13E-10
GSE18978Col, WT, control 24 hCol, WT, PsmES4326 24 h-2.872.58E-09
GSE26679Col, WT, GC 0 hCol, WT, GC 18 h-3.373.16E-15
GSE26679Col, WT, GC 0 hCol, WT, GC 36 h-1.792.86E-10
GSE26679Col, edr1, GC 0 hCol, edr1, GC 18 h-3.121.05E-14
GSE37269Di2, WT, controlDi2, WT, TEV 21 d-1.823.33E-02
GSE37269Ei2, WT, controlEi2, WT, TEV 21 d-1.965.30E-03
GSE37269St0, WT, controlSt0, WT, TEV 21 d-1.767.50E-03
GSE37269Wt1, WT, controlWt1, WT, TEV 21 d-1.822.33E-02
GSE45212Col, WT, PstDC3000 AvrRpt2 0 hCol, WT, PstDC3000 AvrRpt2 12 h-5.181.27E-19
GSE45212Col, WT, PstDC3000 AvrRpt2 0 hCol, WT, PstDC3000 AvrRpt2 8 h-3.193.36E-17
GSE45212Col, med14, PstDC3000 AvrRpt2 0 hCol, med14, PstDC3000 AvrRpt2 12 h-6.001.63E-20
GSE45212Col, med14, PstDC3000 AvrRpt2 0 hCol, med14, PstDC3000 AvrRpt2 4 h-2.985.21E-17
GSE45212Col, med14, PstDC3000 AvrRpt2 0 hCol, med14, PstDC3000 AvrRpt2 8 h-3.617.26E-18
GSE45214Col, WT, PstDC3000 AvrRpt2 0 hCol, WT, PstDC3000 AvrRpt2 4 h-1.761.78E-11
GSE45214Col, med16, PstDC3000 AvrRpt2 0 hCol, med16, PstDC3000 AvrRpt2 4 h-2.163.28E-13
GSE50526Col, WT, mock 24 hCol, WT, A. brassicicola 24 h-1.711.27E-02
GSE5520Col, WT, control 10 hCol, WT, Cor- 10 h-2.525.67E-03
GSE5520Col, WT, control 10 hCol, WT, Cor- hrpS- 10 h-2.493.34E-02
GSE5520Col, WT, control 7 hCol, WT, PstDC3000 7 h2.637.12E-04
GSE58954Col, WT, Psm AvrRpt2 0 hCol, WT, Psm AvrRpt2 6 h-2.731.38E-03
GSE9674Ws-4, AtMYB30 ox, controlWs-4, AtMYB30 ox, Xanthomonas strain Xcc147 2-4 h-1.577.96E-03
GSE9674Ws-4, AtMYB30 ox, controlWs-4, AtMYB30 ox, Xanthomonas strain Xcc147 6 h-1.925.03E-03
GSE9674Ws-4, WT, controlWs-4, WT, Xanthomonas strain Xcc147 2-4 h-1.667.36E-03
GSE9674Ws-4, WT, controlWs-4, WT, Xanthomonas strain Xcc147 6 h-1.975.02E-03
GSE9674Ws-4, WT, controlWs-4, WT, Xanthomonas strain Xcc147 90-105 min-1.742.40E-03

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