Gene: AT1G64660

Gene description

TAIR ID: AT1G64660

Short description: methionine gamma-lyase

Pathogen responsiveness: 0.17

General responsiveness: 0.91


Rice: No orthologous gene




GO biological process

protein homotetramerization, methionine catabolic process via 2-oxobutanoate, cellular amino acid metabolic process, cellular response to water deprivation, transsulfuration, cysteine biosynthetic process via cystathionine, 'de novo' L-methionine biosynthetic process, cellular response to sulfate starvation

GO cellular component

cytoplasm, cytosol

GO molecular function

cystathionine gamma-lyase activity, methionine gamma-lyase activity, catalytic activity, pyridoxal phosphate binding, cystathionine gamma-synthase activity

Protein domain

PfamPF01053, Cys/Met metabolism PLP-dependent enzyme

Transcriptional regulation

AT3G24050, AT4G18770, AT4G34680, AT2G45050, AT3G60530, AT2G43010


Protein-protein interaction network

No Interactor

Differentially expressed condition

22 conditions

SeriesControlTreatmentLog2FCAdj. P value
GSE17500Col, 35S:AFB1, control 0 hCol, 35S:AFB1, PstDC3000 24 h2.662.45E-05
GSE17500Col, WT, control 0 hCol, WT, PstDC3000 24 h2.788.02E-06
GSE17500Col, miR393, control 0 hCol, miR393, PstDC3000 24 h3.106.71E-06
GSE18978Col, WT, control 24 hCol, WT, PsmES4326 24 h2.674.00E-04
GSE21920Col, ulp1, mockCol, ulp1, Pto 6 h1.556.39E-04
GSE26679Col, WT, GC 0 hCol, WT, GC 96 h2.071.66E-06
GSE26679Col, edr1, GC 0 hCol, edr1, GC 18 h1.621.08E-05
GSE26679Col, edr1, GC 0 hCol, edr1, GC 36 h2.322.77E-08
GSE26679Col, edr1, GC 0 hCol, edr1, GC 96 h1.741.70E-05
GSE40544Col, WT, controlCol, WT, PstDC3000 EV2.175.13E-06
GSE40544Col, Sid2, controlCol, Sid2, PstDC3000 EV2.811.84E-06
GSE45212Col, WT, PstDC3000 AvrRpt2 0 hCol, WT, PstDC3000 AvrRpt2 12 h1.941.33E-09
GSE50526Col, WT, mock 24 hCol, WT, A. brassicicola 24 h4.422.91E-05
GSE5520Col, WT, control 24 hCol, WT, PstDC3000 24 h3.468.27E-04
GSE5520Col, WT, control 7 hCol, WT, PstDC3000 7 h2.843.50E-04
GSE56094Col, WT, control 10 hCol, WT, PstDC3000 10 h2.384.44E-16
GSE56094Col, WT, control 11 hCol, WT, PstDC3000 11 h2.104.04E-13
GSE56094Col, WT, control 12 hCol, WT, PstDC3000 12 h2.003.31E-12
GSE56094Col, WT, control 13 hCol, WT, PstDC3000 13 h2.386.64E-16
GSE56094Col, WT, control 8 hCol, WT, PstDC3000 8 h1.571.78E-08
GSE56094Col, WT, control 9 hCol, WT, PstDC3000 9 h2.118.41E-13
GSE6176Col, WT, control 12 hCol, WT, PstDC3000 12 h1.922.00E-03

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