Gene: AT4G18770

Gene description

TAIR ID: AT4G18770

Short description: myb domain protein 98

Pathogen responsiveness: -1.64

General responsiveness: -5.29


Rice: No orthologous gene
Maize: No orthologous gene
Wheat: No orthologous gene

GO biological process

regulation of transcription, DNA-templated, regulation of synergid differentiation, regulation of transcription from RNA polymerase II promoter, pollen tube guidance, regulation of embryo sac central cell differentiation, transcription, embryo sac development

GO cellular component


GO molecular function

transcription regulatory region DNA binding, sequence-specific DNA binding, transcription factor activity, RNA polymerase II transcription factor recruiting, RNA polymerase II transcription factor activity

Protein domain

PfamPF13921, Myb-like DNA-binding domain

Metabolic pathway

Not involved in metabolic pathway

KEGG pathway

Not involved in KEGG pathway

Transcriptional regulation

AT4G18770, AT3G27920

AT1G34620, AT1G31335, AT5G43360, AT5G23570, AT5G46420, AT1G63470, AT2G37570, AT2G29650, AT5G29029, AT3G49930, AT1G69170, AT5G13970, AT3G55610, AT2G20710, AT3G52920, AT4G03670, AT3G13175, AT4G09466, AT2G07681, AT5G50250, AT3G43357, AT3G31935, AT2G04031, AT5G02740, AT1G23730, AT1G72430, AT2G14720, AT1G47270, AT1G05970, AT1G29630, AT5G02210, AT1G67130, AT4G18910, AT1G64670, AT5G23050, AT1G18060, AT1G65681, AT2G18930, AT3G30415, AT2G28700, AT5G22555, AT5G52547, AT2G30432, AT3G08840, AT4G01200, AT3G26620, AT2G02860, AT3G55230, AT5G40395, AT4G00600, AT1G64660, AT2G26360, AT5G01560, AT4G01060, AT2G27200, AT5G62120, AT4G08116, AT2G17510, AT5G37240, AT5G53490, AT5G28622, AT1G42080, AT5G42330, AT5G35792, AT3G11920, AT3G06660, AT2G39750, AT3G09162, AT3G31930, AT3G21620, AT3G49210, AT5G50335, AT5G45710, AT4G09180, AT3G42473, AT5G25750, AT1G27760, AT3G62030, AT3G16400, AT4G04590, AT4G23270, AT1G47915, AT3G21580, AT2G18970, AT1G35625, AT3G01640, AT5G22150, AT5G66680, AT1G79870, AT3G30837, AT1G71695, AT5G47650, AT1G08000, AT4G00695, AT1G05790, AT3G50280, AT1G12930, AT5G46520, AT1G69070, AT3G24615, AT2G38300, AT3G62850, AT3G17010, AT1G77790, AT2G41730, AT4G06672, AT5G45320, AT3G57880, AT3G52380, AT3G28360, AT4G09410, AT5G35405, AT1G61140, AT4G38420, AT2G04000, AT2G31720, AT1G58320, AT2G14830, AT5G47660, AT5G22340, AT4G01671, AT2G14900, AT1G26260, AT4G27810, AT4G33880, AT1G72410, AT4G09460, AT1G31480, AT5G08185, AT1G48230, AT2G04795, AT2G39430, AT2G42810, AT5G44690, AT5G05270, AT2G16720, AT1G30270, AT2G39490, AT4G39860, AT1G78470, AT3G17080, AT5G14200, AT3G53440, AT1G13750, AT3G02940, AT1G34610, AT2G17036, AT1G42120, AT1G25055, AT3G51057, AT2G18560, AT5G53800, AT1G29265, AT3G03410, AT1G09850, AT1G07485, AT2G35880, AT1G03080, AT5G57015, AT4G12825, AT3G33230, AT5G23030, AT1G53140, AT4G11820, AT5G16330, AT3G59765, AT1G30970, AT5G62910, AT1G63000, AT4G24530, AT5G17190, AT4G36268, AT2G13020, AT5G23940, AT5G13910, AT1G75480, AT1G80930, AT3G45270, AT4G33580, AT4G15990, AT3G53430, AT4G25500, AT2G18210, AT3G14540, AT5G41250, AT3G14075, AT2G20060, AT4G31160, AT5G55580, AT3G05280, AT1G26210, AT5G08310, AT1G62080, AT1G08600, AT5G47077, AT3G47820, AT2G39460, AT5G24550, AT3G57854, AT1G35840, AT4G18310, AT3G44550, AT5G60310, AT4G05280, AT5G65166, AT4G10250, AT2G06920, AT2G30270, AT3G25780, AT1G68960, AT1G11980, AT5G35920, AT1G10360, AT5G43990, AT2G15680, AT4G38190, AT2G31880, AT1G14860, AT5G32434, AT5G52470, AT3G13370, AT5G02990, AT1G20540, AT3G32393, AT2G21390, AT4G35950, AT5G59845, AT3G62830, AT3G42790, AT3G50230, AT4G03590, AT4G24370, AT5G59590, AT3G08660, AT5G25640, AT3G53600, AT3G57650, AT4G24780, AT5G28920, AT1G52550, AT4G12220, AT3G32223, AT5G26147, AT1G70020, AT3G51180, AT2G45690, AT5G50500, AT3G05410, AT5G45300, AT5G48430, AT2G03920, AT1G50590, AT2G24470, AT4G08450, AT4G29330, AT4G37920, AT5G09920, AT2G25975, AT3G60260, AT3G61721, AT4G34140, AT1G23900, AT2G40660, AT1G68670, AT5G62130, AT1G10300, AT4G37680, AT2G35930, AT1G10865, AT4G22850, AT1G49500, AT1G24881, AT5G27540, AT4G10595, AT2G23050, AT4G19930, AT3G24730, AT4G27930, AT1G23710, AT1G57750, AT4G05140, AT4G06483, AT1G19510, AT1G11175, AT2G39900, AT1G16330, AT2G18938, AT1G77300, AT2G18870, AT1G61370, AT1G08530, AT5G47890, AT5G39680, AT1G79700, AT1G06950, AT2G17350, AT1G77220, AT1G03440, AT5G01590, AT2G35215, AT5G19190, AT1G54215, AT1G07990, AT5G24880, AT4G14147, AT2G01270, AT1G31812, AT1G12920, AT3G03220, AT3G29440, AT2G18900, AT3G59650, AT2G36100, AT2G43870, AT2G01570, AT1G41680, AT2G18540, AT1G66245, AT3G25280, AT1G64680, AT4G21130, AT2G04920, AT5G62600, AT1G67390, AT1G35670, AT3G05660, AT1G24706, AT3G61990, AT4G13263, AT5G26340, AT1G25280, AT1G65483, AT4G13261, AT5G49710, AT4G21190, AT1G24100, AT3G15080, AT2G21188, AT3G33575, AT1G04425, AT1G01100, AT2G38480, AT1G31093, AT5G45660, AT1G17300, AT3G18910, AT3G29700, AT1G53080, AT4G03660, AT5G61340, AT1G47280, AT3G42530, AT1G35880, AT5G08535, AT5G45410, AT2G26355, AT1G76878, AT3G30120, AT2G03280, AT5G35926, AT3G25717, AT3G22030, AT5G16550, AT5G39710, AT1G71400, AT4G13570, AT5G66410, AT3G07005, AT5G47570, AT2G32160, AT4G34950, AT3G12350, AT5G48790, AT5G16453, AT1G48740, AT3G24770, AT4G02210, AT1G64070, AT3G42471, AT3G14270, AT1G28730, AT2G07683, AT5G38060, AT2G03933, AT1G52830, AT2G36350, AT5G16020, AT1G03710, AT3G24690, AT5G52050, AT2G45340, AT4G17587, AT1G04230, AT5G49910, AT5G41670, AT2G35380, AT1G49880, AT2G34510, AT5G40855, AT3G49305, AT1G43845, AT1G75460, AT1G21590, AT2G42160, AT3G18840, AT1G01305, AT5G38350, AT5G49050, AT5G10940, AT2G21050, AT5G01680, AT2G22320, AT2G24370, AT1G79370, AT4G19040, AT4G27290, AT1G63230, AT5G51260, AT1G64760, AT3G29650, AT3G45340, AT3G29360, AT2G23490, AT3G56570, AT2G46130, AT5G14290, AT2G27810, AT2G20750, AT2G07250, AT5G32654, AT4G08290, AT1G47870, AT4G36820, AT5G11880, AT5G52350, AT5G08695, AT3G45730, AT5G35798, AT1G66534, AT1G73990, AT4G11260, AT4G02070, AT4G29035, AT1G44880, AT1G62370, AT2G07682, AT4G32175, AT1G59940, AT1G14070, AT3G62230, AT2G15390, AT2G19580, AT1G74960, AT5G27895, AT3G42730, AT2G37180, AT2G41705, AT3G51700, AT3G52300, AT4G23510, AT4G14690, AT4G34412, AT1G73940, AT3G42710, AT1G79400, AT3G30833, AT4G38200, AT4G06614, AT3G25060, AT3G18570, AT5G62570, AT4G02220, AT2G39500, AT5G58640, AT1G56553, AT4G28450, AT1G22540, AT2G29060, AT3G02900, AT5G50860, AT1G62770, AT4G03740, AT5G39205, AT3G06437, AT2G15500, AT1G68825, AT1G12530, AT3G11840, AT3G07980, AT3G26470, AT3G20970, AT1G80870, AT1G60989, AT4G19750, AT4G13300, AT5G40981, AT5G63270, AT1G02870, AT5G45875, AT2G21185, AT3G60200, AT2G47890, AT3G60060, AT2G05560, AT2G38510, AT1G20470, AT3G57890, AT4G16155, AT5G28785, AT2G15815, AT2G43550, AT4G20280, AT5G50630, AT1G64820, AT5G26146, AT4G17098, AT3G49550, AT1G74900, AT1G03320, AT5G20600, AT2G29470, AT2G40650, AT3G14720, AT1G46624, AT3G60410, AT1G07920, AT1G42595, AT5G35805, AT2G40570, AT3G52520, AT5G15270, AT4G11700, AT2G45630, AT5G56230, AT1G65230, AT4G38310, AT1G53910, AT2G22145, AT5G38595, AT1G14750, AT5G15410, AT1G27340, AT2G13040, AT1G28815, AT5G19730, AT2G17040, AT1G06640, AT3G61240, AT3G19323, AT5G66400, AT5G31122, AT3G32295, AT1G69010, AT2G14490, AT3G52420, AT2G15270, AT3G52580, AT5G52130, AT3G27080, AT4G25400, AT5G09830, AT1G78870, AT1G62610, AT2G31953, AT5G61660, AT5G28253, AT3G51870, AT4G22440, AT4G05634, AT5G17780, AT3G61185, AT5G66100, AT4G23496, AT4G26000, AT1G26900, AT2G04515, AT2G04034, AT1G38260, AT1G67370, AT3G20541, AT4G05180, AT5G22980, AT5G53592, AT2G26350, AT1G24388, AT2G33890, AT2G18020, AT5G33420, AT5G40440, AT1G31690, AT3G21430, AT5G18440, AT4G15910, AT2G40970, AT3G58010, AT5G64660, AT3G21340, AT3G13110, AT4G32660, AT3G48970, AT4G18510, AT3G20705, AT1G60490, AT1G28375, AT2G07180, AT3G18120, AT4G16730, AT1G54575, AT1G29820, AT4G18170, AT1G18870, AT4G02655, AT4G22560, AT3G12345, AT1G28240, AT5G52580, AT3G58690, AT1G44085, AT1G28335, AT2G07717, AT2G41530, AT4G39910, AT2G39350, AT5G59370, AT5G15520, AT2G32130, AT1G12660, AT2G10405, AT5G38640, AT4G32890, AT5G14780, AT1G08660, AT2G24210, AT5G62110, AT5G53980, AT4G28000, AT3G05550, AT3G19080, AT5G55990, AT3G43570, AT2G21850, AT2G46110, AT1G22360, AT1G27880, AT2G02270, AT2G10870, AT1G79100, AT4G11800, AT1G09520, AT5G13390, AT1G33960, AT5G41120, AT2G26270, AT2G23560, AT5G36903, AT5G48675, AT5G09880, AT4G26840, AT2G14580, AT5G67320, AT1G26450, AT1G02630, AT2G44220, AT3G10915, AT5G55950, AT2G36885, AT1G21320, AT1G32660, AT4G19250, AT5G09330, AT5G48100, AT4G13780, AT5G43390, AT5G27037, AT5G31511, AT5G43930, AT4G12750, AT1G36300, AT5G15530, AT1G59770, AT3G30470, AT5G01180, AT1G11990, AT2G44620, AT5G66240, AT3G28857, AT1G43940, AT3G49670, AT2G36070, AT1G61590, AT5G35950, AT4G37432, AT1G71990, AT2G21780, AT2G42760, AT4G21215, AT5G56820, AT5G50520, AT4G13370, AT2G47970, AT5G43525, AT1G12064, AT3G59000, AT3G24216, AT5G09850, AT5G15740, AT2G22440, AT4G22840, AT2G39710, AT1G69580, AT2G27550, AT4G00890, AT1G07090, AT1G11130, AT4G10200, AT5G24780, AT5G61300, AT5G44500, AT5G28073, AT5G46800, AT1G78650, AT5G60720, AT3G52800, AT5G45990, AT4G31150, AT2G39760, AT4G10410, AT5G33431, AT1G27090, AT1G25211, AT3G19770, AT2G43871, AT4G15900, AT3G23800, AT5G29031, AT5G14300, AT2G06912, AT3G58877, AT3G60050, AT3G44800, AT2G23945, AT3G28520, AT4G00710, AT5G31981, AT3G52100, AT3G66658, AT1G14480, AT5G43150, AT5G20590, AT2G18920, AT1G68030, AT2G07300, AT5G15810, AT4G36450, AT5G37110, AT5G04910, AT2G42000, AT1G52980, AT1G78120, AT2G07685, AT1G08135, AT1G15920, AT5G01520, AT1G76110, AT5G49570, AT3G10560, AT1G73180, AT4G27654, AT1G13450, AT5G42230, AT5G57810, AT1G50880, AT2G24400, AT5G22330, AT3G18700, AT3G62988, AT3G33448, AT4G26830, AT5G02700, AT2G02470, AT5G03240, AT5G58920, AT5G46660, AT5G51200, AT5G48880, AT2G11400, AT3G47360, AT3G54070, AT2G45540, AT1G07750, AT1G34110, AT2G41140, AT3G21990, AT1G30420, AT2G36580, AT5G53530, AT2G15980, AT1G15190, AT3G14080, AT3G42810, AT5G03960, AT1G26730, AT2G02060, AT1G68540, AT1G38430, AT5G33260, AT3G07420, AT2G11405, AT3G50840, AT2G30130, AT3G28080, AT3G46740, AT2G45300, AT1G16390, AT5G59300, AT4G37460, AT1G23340, AT3G49180, AT5G11130, AT4G34770, AT3G19790, AT5G67310, AT4G30270, AT3G59090, AT3G01290, AT1G09930, AT1G62225, AT1G61275, AT1G49950, AT5G16360, AT5G60730, AT1G24300, AT5G22080, AT1G48870, AT1G63300, AT3G26140, AT4G26620, AT4G26810, AT3G26960, AT1G12060, AT1G32580, AT3G27910, AT3G03530, AT5G47790, AT4G30370, AT3G25420, AT1G75380, AT2G21130, AT5G48775, AT1G68930, AT5G46900, AT2G36570, AT5G11650, AT1G52400, AT1G35270, AT1G31240, AT5G19740, AT2G24390, AT4G12820, AT1G76720, AT1G56460, AT3G53240, AT1G49650, AT4G09984, AT4G00700, AT5G48460, AT2G14460, AT5G19090, AT4G38900, AT1G53720, AT1G24610, AT3G56020, AT2G24750, AT4G39430, AT2G14335, AT1G14320, AT1G79860, AT3G47400, AT5G66590, AT2G34185, AT3G17820, AT4G07668, AT4G21192, AT1G27570, AT2G21550, AT3G57840, AT4G22700, AT3G47130, AT2G05680, AT1G43570, AT4G09470, AT1G64480, AT4G34160, AT4G07485, AT4G31265, AT2G13910, AT1G60050, AT2G28280, AT5G38540, AT4G36470, AT5G18830, AT5G06100, AT3G15220, AT2G25420, AT1G32170, AT1G38330, AT1G16190, AT5G48380, AT3G25500, AT5G32875, AT5G06020, AT4G16920, AT1G35740, AT1G17760, AT1G73177, AT5G49410, AT5G63740, AT4G15850, AT3G62990, AT5G27035, AT2G06020, AT5G09540, AT1G50480, AT3G26134, AT2G26440, AT1G72610, AT3G62220, AT3G28007, AT3G05370, AT5G26848, AT4G27470, AT4G07410, AT1G29220, AT2G42310, AT4G00540, AT4G37090, AT2G44890, AT1G08005, AT2G36792, AT5G50423, AT2G06170, AT4G06547, AT3G14290, AT3G21520, AT5G35339, AT5G42540, AT2G30070, AT3G57870, AT2G30115, AT3G11590, AT4G03580, AT1G05540, AT1G71980, AT3G04370, AT5G28672, AT4G04393, AT1G66360, AT2G43370, AT2G24920, AT3G24614, AT3G30843, AT1G19700, AT5G28715, AT5G09860, AT1G67110, AT3G56960, AT2G09953, AT5G38037, AT2G30860, AT2G16370, AT3G22290, AT3G25450, AT1G52970, AT5G59870, AT5G52770, AT4G16180, AT1G01460, AT2G18620, AT3G43940, AT1G52790, AT5G48830, AT5G47100, AT5G05290, AT3G62060, AT5G03500, AT2G19960, AT3G55510, AT5G65940, AT3G22350, AT5G52460, AT1G07190, AT2G26510, AT5G35608, AT5G02890, AT2G45695, AT3G09020, AT5G42810, AT4G36210, AT1G04390, AT3G61720, AT3G44790, AT4G40030, AT1G66130, AT1G35435, AT4G11653, AT5G22630, AT1G10500, AT5G55500, AT4G38890, AT3G02150, AT4G15470, AT1G75630, AT3G58990, AT4G25885, AT1G10720, AT3G61320, AT1G36350, AT3G06780, AT1G30780, AT2G05960, AT4G01550, AT1G19540, AT1G31470, AT4G24200, AT4G22760, AT5G57960, AT3G24090, AT1G62085, AT1G65720, AT4G07685, AT1G43755, AT1G31540, AT5G06670, AT5G45576, AT5G41315, AT2G29200, AT3G01380, AT1G47960, AT2G45910, AT2G16760, AT1G02520, AT1G02380, AT1G49460, AT5G58630, AT1G24110, AT5G09220, AT1G77131, AT4G27885, AT1G01620, AT5G61445, AT3G24520, AT4G03300, AT1G69110, AT5G05630, AT5G40080, AT3G46750, AT5G47930, AT1G15550, AT4G15270, AT5G35580, AT2G01510, AT2G30230, AT3G44450, AT3G30750, AT4G14990, AT3G22238, AT5G13470, AT5G01690, AT3G27425, AT5G40316, AT2G20562, AT2G40280, AT1G31620, AT3G22930, AT5G60260, AT5G30189, AT1G62240, AT3G52105, AT5G39020, AT1G52020, AT2G26310, AT5G64670, AT5G04090, AT2G04320, AT5G47350, AT3G45252, AT2G14470, AT5G44100, AT3G51660, AT3G04943, AT5G42680, AT1G24130, AT2G38620, AT3G42553, AT1G69900, AT4G34415, AT1G16950, AT5G04890, AT3G52980, AT2G20595, AT3G44785, AT1G68185, AT5G49040, AT2G41415, AT1G58037, AT4G14450, AT3G26500, AT5G38120, AT5G28642, AT3G23870, AT1G36630, AT4G04740, AT5G32566, AT1G16710, AT3G10030, AT5G05590, AT5G07180, AT3G32070, AT1G59670, AT2G05645, AT5G64905, AT1G67150, AT3G32022, AT3G58330, AT3G46720, AT1G31430, AT5G25360, AT2G15090, AT1G68340, AT1G68110, AT1G45190, AT5G53410, AT3G26570, AT5G20610, AT2G33980, AT4G37660, AT2G10350, AT4G03970, AT2G44440, AT3G22022, AT4G16910, AT2G41430, AT5G66070, AT5G42370, AT1G52770, AT3G27110, AT4G17250, AT2G20050, AT2G16850, AT3G25170, AT3G45690, AT4G03030, AT3G33005, AT2G20463, AT2G03170, AT1G56605, AT4G07915, AT4G05632, AT4G39795, AT4G37910, AT1G28360, AT4G10400, AT1G80810, AT1G78930, AT3G44340, AT1G09480, AT5G22140, AT1G56260, AT3G43710, AT5G54710, AT3G57850, AT3G35003, AT1G66310, AT4G36197, AT1G69020, AT1G67660, AT1G42740, AT3G59990, AT2G03110, AT3G03420, AT4G11270, AT2G37990, AT2G34555, AT4G39880, AT2G07783, AT4G33170, AT4G06744, AT1G43667, AT3G04590, AT3G55570, AT5G26050, AT1G23260, AT2G18170, AT4G19830, AT3G01015, AT5G04480, AT1G06280, AT5G54640, AT1G22120, AT3G43352, AT1G78510, AT5G28655, AT1G63750, AT2G15860, AT4G28730, AT5G17070, AT1G68640, AT2G24380, AT2G03937, AT5G48905, AT4G15735, AT1G22070, AT3G27883, AT5G15120, AT3G04717, AT3G30413, AT3G28470, AT1G48110, AT5G44610, AT3G18680, AT3G49170, AT3G04930, AT1G63310, AT2G39570, AT1G62400, AT2G46890, AT1G22430, AT1G15045, AT3G22961, AT1G23780, AT3G23450, AT5G26310, AT1G59077, AT2G42460, AT1G13448, AT5G25780, AT2G39630, AT1G14060, AT1G50055, AT4G34720, AT3G07350, AT1G05980, AT5G64320, AT5G46440, AT3G29575, AT1G58766, AT5G61345, AT3G51930, AT2G20700, AT2G40430, AT3G23670, AT1G31600, AT2G45970, AT5G39210, AT3G43550, AT3G12640, AT1G18250, AT5G39850, AT2G26170, AT5G58100, AT4G18870, AT5G50175, AT4G26950, AT1G75890, AT3G04210, AT3G33169, AT5G65650, AT5G44470, AT1G69325, AT3G01030, AT4G22010, AT1G50870, AT1G47450, AT4G13550, AT3G42432, AT3G26120, AT1G27380, AT1G70740, AT5G11510, AT5G08080, AT4G13262, AT5G05790, AT2G16940, AT1G11920, AT2G04041, AT3G52410, AT1G60987, AT3G53670, AT4G15350, AT4G38781, AT5G49560, AT3G51610, AT1G70550, AT4G22640, AT3G36411, AT1G30930, AT5G46845, AT3G28140, AT5G35736, AT4G34138, AT3G45960, AT5G54610, AT3G13845, AT5G07690, AT2G31955, AT3G10740, AT1G42490, AT1G09500, AT3G24450, AT5G28671, AT1G10410, AT3G27750, AT3G07600, AT1G78890, AT1G77655, AT1G60030, AT3G11620, AT4G08351, AT3G01085, AT5G26690, AT3G19320, AT5G03280, AT1G78580, AT4G18790, AT2G16030, AT1G08810, AT5G04350, AT5G01270, AT3G13740, AT5G41663, AT1G63100, AT4G39490, AT4G06698, AT1G26370, AT4G05585, AT1G79090, AT2G41540, AT3G30767, AT5G35945, AT1G42320, AT4G14770, AT1G15680, AT2G17170, AT4G06718, AT2G24070, AT1G30920, AT3G42624, AT1G50190, AT4G16141, AT5G01580, AT1G24657, AT4G27780, AT2G21980, AT2G37660, AT5G33280, AT4G36620, AT4G23990, AT5G18430, AT4G33030, AT5G47950, AT1G03880, AT3G55110, AT1G07940, AT2G29360, AT1G71410, AT4G12350, AT4G19840, AT1G30110, AT2G47640, AT5G07060, AT5G51590, AT1G68750, AT5G38590, AT1G30830, AT4G23790, AT4G33210, AT1G20801, AT5G23190, AT1G47470, AT1G61670, AT1G24800, AT3G23326, AT3G28415, AT3G61755, AT5G38370, AT3G06320, AT3G44480, AT5G44160, AT5G02370, AT2G33855, AT3G17465, AT2G45170, AT1G62550, AT5G35860, AT1G03700, AT3G07370, AT1G78340, AT2G04032, AT1G19750, AT1G76150, AT4G24080, AT4G14220, AT3G04190, AT2G01330, AT1G51840, AT2G05635, AT1G78460, AT4G24380, AT1G09880, AT4G36110, AT5G53390, AT1G78882, AT2G44910, AT4G36040, AT3G27130, AT5G05795, AT3G09170, AT2G33560, AT2G22668, AT4G18770, AT1G80325, AT3G22234, AT4G26780, AT5G08190, AT3G11230, AT3G18660, AT5G15254, AT2G15990, AT4G32850, AT3G51690, AT3G09165, AT1G08610, AT5G57750, AT4G36770, AT5G20580, AT4G19740, AT3G25700, AT1G71140, AT4G37830, AT5G61790, AT2G37500, AT4G20380, AT1G58410, AT1G26558, AT4G24060, AT3G02520, AT3G44096, AT3G29638, AT1G47290, AT1G15040, AT5G62350, AT2G47780, AT1G80430, AT3G07490, AT5G46810, AT3G28705, AT2G01370, AT3G45970, AT5G02710, AT1G04680, AT3G16880, AT5G54690, AT3G44670, AT5G61880, AT1G80650, AT1G48095, AT5G05390, AT2G38610, AT1G80530, AT1G74490, AT5G62630, AT5G18520, AT1G06960, AT1G17830, AT5G13290, AT1G68990, AT5G10990, AT1G56060, AT4G30074, AT2G07390, AT3G22760, AT4G31260, AT2G03130, AT5G18550, AT1G65642, AT2G43360, AT1G12190, AT1G22710, AT1G32650, AT3G46580, AT1G80140, AT3G62040, AT3G27280, AT2G15290, AT4G31300, AT5G39540, AT2G46160, AT2G40560, AT1G76705, AT2G14340, AT4G08550, AT3G11630, AT2G28860, AT5G63595, AT1G06630, AT2G31980, AT4G20006, AT5G52965, AT5G55893, AT3G03730, AT4G25990, AT1G44140, AT2G07735, AT1G32070, AT4G04077, AT1G24140, AT3G52460, AT3G55630, AT3G09830, AT4G12000, AT5G35940, AT5G61240, AT3G33201, AT5G49215, AT4G37970, AT4G20010, AT4G21510, AT3G43390, AT4G18610, AT3G11990, AT4G00660, AT4G31770, AT1G78790, AT5G07400, AT1G12667, AT5G43860, AT2G23700, AT3G60520, AT2G05800, AT1G58480, AT1G11490, AT5G47880, AT5G19590, AT5G37360, AT3G14172, AT1G05420, AT5G36228, AT2G26730, AT3G20080, AT3G29805, AT2G23220, AT3G25577, AT1G68530, AT2G28160, AT1G07450, AT2G07771, AT5G44600, AT1G01020, AT2G24030, AT4G15075, AT3G56370, AT4G38660, AT3G30778, AT5G54075, AT1G42695, AT3G10595, AT4G02020, AT3G24170, AT1G05260, AT5G24000, AT5G20670, AT2G11504, AT1G62430, AT5G13100, AT1G57590, AT2G01670, AT3G46904, AT5G13460, AT1G48570, AT3G42545, AT2G02770, AT1G49480, AT1G34180, AT1G77880, AT1G24560, AT2G28550, AT5G47075, AT5G42620, AT2G18890, AT5G40000, AT5G54080, AT5G06760, AT5G48520, AT1G33925, AT1G80245, AT4G24620, AT1G64360, AT1G62830, AT1G78880, AT3G01740, AT3G24535, AT4G34131, AT3G44205, AT5G48200, AT3G47700, AT2G44610, AT1G79190, AT5G34855, AT5G17000, AT1G24400, AT5G59830, AT1G03090, AT1G03580, AT5G08075, AT5G54160, AT4G14210, AT5G34970, AT1G20810, AT2G32600, AT3G30380, AT2G11360, AT3G53668, AT5G22210, AT3G52090, AT3G43830

Protein-protein interaction network

The number of partners (degree) is: 3

click to view PPI network

Coexpression network

No coexpression gene

Differentially expressed condition

2 conditions

SeriesControlTreatmentLog2FCAdj. P value
GSE26679Col, WT, GC 0 hCol, WT, GC 18 h1.952.88E-03
GSE26679Col, WT, GC 0 hCol, WT, GC 36 h1.688.98E-03

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