Gene: AT1G51600

Gene description

TAIR ID: AT1G51600

Short description: ZIM-LIKE 2

Pathogen responsiveness: -2.92

General responsiveness: -2.67





GRMZM2G058479   GRMZM2G080509  

Wheat: No orthologous gene

GO biological process

cell differentiation

GO cellular component

transcription factor complex, nucleus

GO molecular function

RNA polymerase II regulatory region sequence-specific DNA binding, protein binding, RNA polymerase II transcription factor binding, chromatin binding, zinc ion binding, transcription factor activity, sequence-specific DNA binding, transcriptional activator activity, RNA polymerase II transcription regulatory region sequence-specific binding

Protein domain

PfamPF06203, CCT motif
PfamPF06200, tify domain
PfamPF00320, GATA zinc finger

Metabolic pathway

Not involved in metabolic pathway

KEGG pathway

Not involved in KEGG pathway

Transcriptional regulation


AT2G18115, AT3G33187, AT2G17845, AT3G22955, AT2G20770, AT1G14340, AT3G22090, AT5G24660, AT3G14570, AT2G01040, AT3G48820, AT5G28692, AT1G76980, AT1G04640, AT3G16940, AT1G71000, AT1G42635, AT1G56555, AT3G42080, AT1G23560, AT1G40129, AT5G30480, AT1G40137, AT4G06626, AT3G23230, AT4G12190, AT2G11430, AT5G08391, AT3G30320, AT1G36100, AT5G27885, AT4G03790, AT2G46787, AT3G13100, AT5G12900, AT1G22900, AT3G30703, AT5G52360, AT5G10310, AT5G04180, AT2G30330, AT1G13280, AT3G05940, AT2G14640, AT2G29580, AT2G06280, AT5G41420, AT3G30749, AT1G60510, AT2G28020, AT1G64200, AT2G35980, AT3G30663, AT5G07050, AT4G36160, AT3G43359, AT5G15750, AT5G63680, AT1G79940, AT2G06630, AT1G02710, AT1G30260, AT4G28400, AT4G11100, AT2G34370, AT4G16310, AT1G50740, AT5G48835, AT3G31357, AT3G26775, AT5G22110, AT4G14470, AT2G16840, AT4G27060, AT3G44430, AT1G71330, AT4G26050, AT3G43575, AT3G30825, AT5G06990, AT3G30413, AT1G71760, AT1G04350, AT5G05030, AT1G41827, AT1G41710, AT5G31932, AT3G48830, AT2G04046, AT1G11930, AT3G10986, AT2G36230, AT2G27410, AT5G10525, AT2G43310, AT4G07856, AT1G13210, AT3G33075, AT4G14800, AT3G42900, AT3G27290, AT3G14610, AT5G46330, AT3G28110, AT5G16770, AT3G17609, AT2G20490, AT4G37685, AT2G41835, AT1G52170, AT4G32090, AT2G33540, AT3G49220, AT4G01120, AT1G20320, AT2G24205, AT4G12370, AT4G15310, AT1G07360, AT1G11100, AT2G13930, AT5G64270, AT3G31400, AT5G10910, AT5G45400, AT3G43710, AT1G40136, AT1G80050, AT4G21250, AT1G23190, AT1G40112, AT1G10385, AT5G29602, AT5G37620, AT5G28235, AT3G03810, AT2G19220, AT3G10090, AT3G32150, AT5G17650, AT5G17150, AT5G03010, AT1G33600, AT1G48440, AT1G32540, AT2G30320, AT4G19630, AT2G01550, AT3G47420, AT4G33810, AT3G25170, AT3G17110, AT3G49120, AT5G56990, AT5G39500, AT5G37880, AT5G51900, AT2G36930, AT3G29480, AT5G16190, AT1G13760, AT5G28823, AT3G54430, AT2G10780, AT1G04635, AT1G57765, AT2G33760, AT2G15090, AT2G20480, AT5G10330, AT2G25790, AT1G10040, AT2G45315, AT5G65925, AT1G73790, AT4G07360, AT3G18270, AT3G05620, AT3G25110, AT1G33550, AT2G35120, AT3G09040, AT5G28996, AT3G06180, AT2G22030, AT1G68480, AT5G52110, AT3G04545, AT2G12480, AT1G80820, AT1G23490, AT5G29720, AT4G16170, AT5G44065, AT3G21010, AT1G08830, AT3G14550, AT2G32645, AT2G11940, AT1G37037, AT2G41390, AT3G58420, AT2G14430, AT3G03341, AT5G32875, AT5G55960, AT5G18970, AT5G56350, AT1G42270, AT3G42115, AT4G35640, AT1G38330, AT2G23834, AT2G03620, AT4G08730, AT1G40135, AT2G26290, AT1G76430, AT3G53160, AT3G45780, AT3G44262, AT1G27250, AT2G07718, AT4G19640, AT2G31350, AT2G44120, AT4G13210, AT5G36655, AT1G30620, AT1G22460, AT1G40085, AT3G39935, AT3G43526, AT4G38320, AT3G30727, AT5G30520, AT1G08780, AT4G05589, AT4G12550, AT3G26290, AT4G00236, AT5G20460, AT1G40124, AT5G08750, AT5G34846, AT1G68735, AT3G32000, AT5G41200, AT3G59170, AT5G07150, AT2G10760, AT3G16950, AT1G19160, AT4G22510, AT5G31702, AT1G45020, AT2G24103, AT1G48550, AT4G08869, AT1G15830, AT3G17770, AT1G34650, AT3G53480, AT3G25230, AT5G02670, AT4G19900, AT4G01710, AT4G26240, AT4G10910, AT1G29480, AT5G62160, AT1G14225, AT1G36495, AT1G74640, AT1G76560, AT1G66130, AT2G18820, AT1G55440, AT2G12557, AT5G24750, AT2G33520, AT5G22310, AT5G66670, AT5G58750, AT5G66630, AT1G55960, AT1G23750, AT3G04800, AT4G18975, AT1G50735, AT3G48270, AT4G29905, AT4G15520, AT1G65352, AT2G24755, AT1G36305, AT2G06470, AT1G33135, AT2G27170, AT5G40847, AT3G54380, AT1G60750, AT4G05636, AT3G04940, AT3G50220, AT3G45420, AT5G10150, AT4G38540, AT2G10200, AT5G04210, AT5G37800, AT1G42365, AT1G50160, AT3G60960, AT2G46720, AT3G32230, AT1G50530, AT5G34520, AT5G40850, AT2G07360, AT5G32626, AT1G14205, AT3G56960, AT1G20135, AT5G58070, AT1G01450, AT5G48130, AT2G13390, AT3G07150, AT4G08074, AT3G18260, AT5G07360, AT1G22530, AT2G23347, AT3G05360, AT1G13770, AT1G61510, AT1G37999, AT1G41740, AT4G07339, AT1G18560, AT5G38705, AT2G11110, AT1G74580, AT1G67160, AT2G16290, AT3G19830, AT3G42431, AT1G36210, AT4G07660, AT5G32161, AT3G29830, AT2G07450, AT3G30695, AT3G33064, AT1G42605, AT2G20000, AT2G43300, AT2G26140, AT2G03420, AT5G26236, AT1G22030, AT3G23650, AT1G80770, AT1G61050, AT2G23010, AT1G66510, AT2G06250, AT3G23730, AT1G26270, AT5G63595, AT2G10770, AT1G28700, AT5G18020, AT3G62040, AT2G10810, AT4G26288, AT5G12110, AT1G10230, AT5G03210, AT5G47225, AT5G38275, AT3G11600, AT1G30282, AT1G06925, AT3G11385, AT4G16190, AT1G51970, AT2G03630, AT1G40100, AT3G22760, AT5G22060, AT5G11150, AT3G59720, AT5G57126, AT3G57310, AT3G32116, AT2G10790, AT1G48160, AT1G60840, AT4G07521, AT1G26355, AT2G01370, AT1G42380, AT5G12920, AT3G63150, AT3G31415, AT3G07990, AT2G12600, AT4G06511, AT5G30870, AT3G57970, AT1G14230, AT5G05220, AT5G26890, AT5G34859, AT2G26490, AT2G39770, AT1G71280, AT2G16300, AT1G60690, AT2G41190, AT1G48680, AT2G04063, AT5G41190, AT3G11680, AT5G08712, AT1G43620, AT5G08190, AT5G56605, AT1G41775, AT1G76280, AT1G77510, AT1G72440, AT4G09250, AT4G07917, AT3G59590, AT5G07930, AT3G13624, AT1G36290, AT1G33130, AT4G07440, AT5G52640, AT4G24770, AT3G49601, AT1G39510, AT1G49860, AT5G20720, AT3G20110, AT5G34849, AT2G10180, AT3G04120, AT2G48140, AT1G62350, AT3G23637, AT4G06513, AT1G75350, AT5G21010, AT1G52990, AT2G10234, AT2G48130, AT4G06524, AT3G22886, AT4G28362, AT3G17152, AT3G42996, AT5G49170, AT2G10280, AT5G60990, AT2G06555, AT3G42727, AT1G66930, AT3G15910, AT1G44542, AT3G04460, AT2G15840, AT2G14080, AT3G44970, AT3G19930, AT1G36225, AT4G15248, AT5G14970, AT2G44290, AT4G12210, AT1G50250, AT5G39000, AT1G10160, AT5G28480, AT5G38650, AT1G44990, AT1G19490, AT1G41770, AT5G38500, AT2G04680, AT1G42695, AT2G01034, AT3G23960, AT1G33640, AT1G36942, AT1G65970, AT1G07070, AT5G51430, AT5G35260, AT4G05095, AT5G51440, AT1G35930, AT1G26220, AT2G32315, AT5G01600, AT1G76120, AT5G36228, AT4G19560, AT4G07937, AT3G30668, AT5G48530, AT5G42060, AT1G70400, AT2G11720, AT5G33230, AT5G27910, AT1G40076, AT5G30673, AT3G43304, AT1G38440, AT3G18690, AT2G41400, AT1G44414, AT1G11480, AT1G43725, AT3G59010, AT3G63400, AT5G32521, AT2G43960, AT2G40520, AT4G00320, AT5G60460, AT3G32968, AT5G49760, AT5G34829, AT1G02000, AT5G11990, AT4G21363, AT3G32917, AT4G12200, AT1G67020, AT3G03852, AT3G33124, AT5G34831, AT3G29785, AT5G36870, AT5G64855, AT1G08710, AT4G38290, AT1G62940, AT3G07600, AT4G06694, AT1G42570, AT3G05040, AT2G10265, AT3G51240, AT5G59260, AT5G33125, AT4G09310, AT5G37590, AT3G18640, AT2G10960, AT5G13190, AT1G36790, AT2G18917, AT3G43158, AT2G36026, AT2G18460, AT1G60130, AT3G02030, AT1G42200, AT2G05082, AT1G51823, AT5G07700, AT5G05113, AT5G11710, AT5G32572, AT4G06504, AT3G42313, AT3G25480, AT2G43255, AT3G15750, AT1G72910, AT1G49060, AT1G14900, AT3G42432, AT3G32385, AT3G18550, AT1G76760, AT5G55470, AT4G19550, AT1G14200, AT1G75890, AT2G07365, AT3G52930, AT3G54802, AT4G14790, AT1G50180, AT5G31536, AT5G40750, AT4G02770, AT3G06210, AT2G14220, AT5G49555, AT5G36658, AT5G32850, AT5G11140, AT5G39820, AT2G30925, AT4G01505, AT3G17220, AT3G22020, AT1G01930, AT5G35148, AT1G34160, AT1G57820, AT1G66740, AT5G58960, AT5G44430, AT4G06487, AT1G14940, AT4G12120, AT2G26211, AT2G21800, AT1G65980, AT1G74560, AT5G28673, AT4G08490, AT5G32254, AT1G49400, AT5G33806, AT5G02811, AT1G48720, AT5G65640, AT4G23375, AT1G51175, AT2G22480, AT1G65010, AT2G39210, AT4G02500, AT2G30020, AT5G54410, AT4G31805, AT2G01060, AT5G14820, AT4G16480, AT1G37180, AT3G14390, AT3G10110, AT1G62290, AT3G24315, AT2G41440, AT5G29580, AT1G73250, AT3G22057, AT1G19610, AT4G24960, AT5G31752, AT2G46530, AT2G34850, AT3G42766, AT1G23160, AT5G47030, AT1G70620, AT2G45800, AT5G33226, AT1G48560, AT2G36240, AT2G27260, AT3G29175, AT5G44020, AT2G43220, AT1G01720, AT4G08138, AT2G05715, AT2G21725, AT5G49460, AT1G74570, AT3G02070, AT2G40230, AT2G07430, AT3G46090, AT1G68370, AT2G12820, AT4G10830, AT5G51980, AT4G28210, AT3G42250, AT5G44700, AT2G14650, AT1G02060, AT3G31970, AT2G46240, AT4G24280, AT5G36700, AT3G32677, AT1G04260, AT2G19170, AT5G59305, AT2G22830, AT5G34862, AT5G40390, AT1G30110, AT5G41401, AT4G06730, AT5G60900, AT3G42440, AT5G44310, AT2G12100, AT5G35620, AT3G47670, AT4G01190, AT2G25200, AT3G60720, AT4G18420, AT1G03940, AT5G55240, AT4G06479, AT5G36925, AT2G37470, AT5G67460, AT4G07755, AT4G06718, AT3G06470, AT2G27285, AT4G07502, AT1G71490, AT3G05625, AT4G06742, AT2G29679, AT5G36125, AT1G32920, AT5G55980, AT1G51820, AT1G42320, AT5G33898, AT5G12030, AT1G26797, AT3G32290, AT1G09720, AT1G27170, AT5G28540, AT1G41680, AT1G51460, AT3G55290, AT4G13920, AT1G59570, AT4G09595, AT5G48930, AT2G12835, AT5G31637, AT4G03780, AT3G28918, AT3G44100, AT5G01290, AT2G05632, AT1G40150, AT2G02280, AT2G33010, AT1G25350, AT1G76770, AT5G35146, AT5G49770, AT1G36406, AT3G11300, AT3G25610, AT5G17110, AT2G01028, AT3G30814, AT2G15145, AT2G41340, AT2G12800, AT1G36720, AT3G08590, AT5G19257, AT2G17770, AT4G34881, AT4G06545, AT4G25140, AT1G37735, AT1G15670, AT1G04930, AT2G10120, AT1G13640, AT5G08660, AT1G06580, AT1G70020, AT3G30411, AT5G33256, AT1G26208, AT2G05980, AT5G18370, AT2G15029, AT4G12220, AT5G03552, AT4G12430, AT2G13990, AT5G28920, AT5G12330, AT5G52370, AT4G35690, AT1G27240, AT3G07090, AT5G47000, AT3G29580, AT1G08790, AT5G49430, AT3G50820, AT3G11900, AT1G53110, AT5G32431, AT1G36190, AT4G39140, AT4G25200, AT5G29807, AT2G06480, AT4G14970, AT1G06930, AT1G63230, AT1G66080, AT3G11970, AT2G34250, AT3G53810, AT1G18310, AT3G06920, AT2G04450, AT4G05556, AT1G48620, AT1G10590, AT5G58770, AT5G24890, AT2G05985, AT4G08460, AT2G36830, AT1G19010, AT1G68862, AT1G18740, AT2G33970, AT1G45191, AT2G10735, AT2G33680, AT1G40115, AT1G49880, AT2G28060, AT1G03340, AT4G03650, AT2G07780, AT5G44850, AT5G49910, AT2G13310, AT3G24880, AT2G36985, AT4G38700, AT4G28100, AT3G60860, AT1G71930, AT1G15760, AT1G36320, AT5G07000, AT5G07225, AT3G04525, AT4G06510, AT4G07600, AT4G07795, AT1G70820, AT5G57535, AT2G28940, AT3G18090, AT2G28105, AT4G36510, AT4G16440, AT4G17280, AT5G58760, AT1G55430, AT2G07880, AT1G72050, AT5G16500, AT3G07620, AT4G39230, AT3G14680, AT4G00690, AT2G20760, AT5G29026, AT5G59840, AT2G09870, AT2G45400, AT1G64490, AT4G36940, AT1G44750, AT2G23171, AT4G19395, AT2G46540, AT3G18910, AT3G30722, AT3G43688, AT2G01026, AT4G35800, AT5G59410, AT2G10970, AT3G11050, AT1G04630, AT1G67860, AT3G29636, AT3G32975, AT1G09620, AT3G25470, AT2G20400, AT2G09950, AT5G43550, AT4G25210, AT2G14230, AT5G12240, AT1G40630, AT3G01450, AT1G09920, AT1G38230, AT2G47520, AT5G41560, AT5G12040, AT3G53920, AT5G17410, AT1G49420, AT4G39235, AT3G15602, AT2G35270, AT1G13190, AT2G01070, AT4G11050, AT5G28487, AT2G33730, AT3G62030, AT5G13205, AT1G26240, AT4G23270, AT2G10465, AT1G18320, AT3G43864, AT3G18250, AT5G25130, AT4G14165, AT3G43005, AT2G31390, AT1G38423, AT5G63110, AT5G48540, AT2G27110, AT5G64520, AT1G01130, AT1G42080, AT5G51130, AT2G23120, AT5G35738, AT5G23970, AT1G75850, AT3G42660, AT2G44340, AT4G23440, AT5G40348, AT4G01050, AT5G43280, AT2G07050, AT1G77950, AT3G08500, AT3G09450, AT4G02320, AT3G54790, AT1G38300, AT5G17740, AT3G30415, AT1G39513, AT5G42300, AT4G14103, AT4G31875, AT5G31572, AT1G29195, AT3G37820, AT2G12850, AT3G43156, AT5G29762, AT1G65681, AT1G78660, AT1G08980, AT3G33000, AT5G24655, AT1G39515, AT4G03090, AT2G07743, AT5G56690, AT5G28700, AT1G05385, AT3G20100, AT5G45650, AT5G28928, AT5G29591, AT4G07504, AT3G46160, AT5G49650, AT5G25160, AT1G64190, AT3G13170, AT4G07327, AT2G28056, AT1G28200, AT5G29030, AT4G03826, AT2G22630, AT4G10250, AT5G14160, AT5G36790, AT2G38460, AT2G42835, AT1G42180, AT3G10985, AT4G25130, AT4G05350, AT4G15840, AT3G05280, AT3G42717, AT1G49435, AT4G04150, AT3G17970, AT5G25930, AT2G43630, AT5G51870, AT1G14980, AT4G16840, AT4G23387, AT3G32387, AT1G72660, AT1G33180, AT1G56720, AT4G22460, AT2G10890, AT4G25500, AT3G44930, AT4G06530, AT5G51812, AT5G56630, AT3G59765, AT1G65450, AT1G05135, AT5G17190, AT5G15360, AT5G05250, AT5G65575, AT3G42086, AT5G27395, AT1G71750, AT5G32540, AT2G11020, AT4G03770, AT3G14620, AT1G45145, AT4G05584, AT2G40530, AT1G38350, AT1G14360, AT5G60650, AT2G32680, AT5G29436, AT5G08185, AT3G44428, AT1G78450, AT2G42365, AT1G56612, AT1G50500, AT1G17770, AT1G42375, AT1G02920, AT2G46630, AT3G30456, AT3G52030, AT3G48850, AT4G06514, AT2G10310, AT4G00670, AT1G12411, AT3G29076, AT2G39020, AT3G48235, AT1G32583, AT3G33058, AT4G39520, AT5G18030, AT3G33083, AT1G11265, AT2G27120, AT4G00070, AT2G26150, AT4G22214, AT4G03732, AT3G09800, AT3G14515, AT4G25510, AT5G42280, AT5G42590, AT2G31945, AT1G76780, AT4G06654, AT4G07941, AT5G26920, AT1G16170, AT5G15240, AT1G65350, AT5G34864, AT1G48710, AT1G05840, AT4G08050, AT5G07870, AT3G27327, AT5G01380, AT4G00560, AT3G09480, AT2G26880, AT5G18755, AT5G03345, AT2G44050, AT2G32890, AT3G18900, AT2G44510, AT5G03745, AT2G34710, AT5G50995, AT1G32810, AT3G30213, AT1G49800, AT5G66780, AT4G06485, AT4G32040, AT3G07630, AT1G33870, AT1G73170, AT1G36975, AT2G05880, AT3G58210, AT2G06166, AT3G52850, AT1G28930, AT1G15825, AT1G36300, AT2G01630, AT1G53610, AT4G08105, AT4G07640, AT5G34854, AT4G22390, AT3G15310, AT4G14905, AT5G03940, AT4G18410, AT1G64320, AT5G29337, AT1G52342, AT4G37000, AT3G22600, AT4G23240, AT1G22370, AT3G04780, AT5G19470, AT5G24840, AT1G04720, AT1G50140, AT4G01895, AT1G08670, AT5G32143, AT5G67240, AT3G56705, AT1G10586, AT2G06165, AT3G57730, AT5G34833, AT1G53730, AT2G10870, AT5G41120, AT5G24270, AT3G44093, AT1G42140, AT4G35500, AT1G32190, AT5G08740, AT5G06380, AT2G34210, AT1G40470, AT1G04540, AT4G24974, AT3G31380, AT1G28710, AT1G10600, AT4G15100, AT4G24680, AT3G42300, AT1G04070, AT1G70030, AT1G02960, AT4G10580, AT4G24160, AT4G14640, AT2G25010, AT1G37150, AT1G18190, AT5G59570, AT3G43573, AT5G14210, AT2G16320, AT4G25515, AT3G61330, AT5G36650, AT4G08078, AT5G63760, AT2G11750, AT3G31993, AT4G25480, AT1G09590, AT5G29032, AT2G12083, AT1G38430, AT4G06604, AT4G16855, AT3G25990, AT1G15190, AT4G15880, AT2G14415, AT2G18360, AT3G42560, AT1G36775, AT5G03970, AT2G45540, AT4G06574, AT3G30719, AT1G47360, AT3G17780, AT5G29571, AT1G10155, AT5G16505, AT1G34600, AT1G70800, AT5G33252, AT1G09180, AT3G42252, AT2G10410, AT5G27650, AT5G07370, AT1G42736, AT2G45810, AT2G22940, AT1G77150, AT5G12350, AT4G10800, AT1G45100, AT3G29820, AT1G48700, AT5G05010, AT2G35345, AT3G33071, AT1G34041, AT5G46980, AT2G07732, AT4G01790, AT2G09862, AT2G02980, AT2G01390, AT2G25015, AT1G33280, AT1G42703, AT4G03840, AT2G07000, AT3G32890, AT3G23955, AT1G35510, AT1G51560, AT4G36420, AT5G32481, AT2G14240, AT4G19633, AT3G52100, AT4G27890, AT1G24210, AT5G31981, AT4G09200, AT2G36010, AT3G07100, AT1G61650, AT1G13050, AT3G49970, AT2G07010, AT5G35113, AT3G61175, AT1G14500, AT5G59610, AT1G16360, AT2G22145, AT4G38310, AT3G32033, AT3G02830, AT3G10845, AT3G55880, AT2G43260, AT3G25250, AT3G30630, AT2G11730, AT4G11150, AT1G34418, AT3G06019, AT3G26605, AT3G50560, AT5G27680, AT3G13525, AT2G10300, AT1G34690, AT4G14480, AT3G23630, AT4G14270, AT5G15040, AT2G31860, AT3G14770, AT2G38510, AT1G47350, AT3G01620, AT2G07635, AT5G63270, AT3G33537, AT4G06532, AT5G36275, AT1G21890, AT5G14530, AT4G01850, AT2G33006, AT5G43330, AT2G26720, AT5G56660, AT2G21520, AT1G43890, AT1G71290, AT5G39430, AT1G23740, AT5G33175, AT3G09050, AT1G41910, AT4G06740, AT4G12432, AT5G52430, AT5G35057, AT1G04560, AT3G61640, AT3G60380, AT4G03470, AT4G22670, AT3G61177, AT3G29578, AT5G37870, AT3G24870, AT1G49090, AT5G19300, AT3G30836, AT1G59730, AT3G11400, AT3G33002, AT1G13610, AT3G17350, AT3G58770, AT4G06556, AT4G19006, AT5G42100, AT4G24070, AT2G07706, AT5G46290, AT5G04750, AT3G32120, AT1G04850, AT4G15830, AT4G38060, AT3G17430, AT2G29590, AT2G13320, AT5G04510, AT5G32654, AT5G31909, AT5G52350, AT3G59460, AT5G05830, AT5G60490, AT3G50625, AT4G29490, AT4G07740, AT1G48030, AT2G05360, AT3G50682, AT1G45090, AT5G22740, AT1G78490, AT3G27328, AT1G66070, AT4G08740, AT5G13200, AT1G28350, AT1G22310, AT3G46585, AT4G03630, AT3G04520, AT3G55150, AT4G11190, AT5G28730, AT4G00550, AT1G09415, AT3G01630, AT1G40113, AT4G02489, AT3G33225, AT5G50720, AT2G46700, AT2G22810, AT4G11480, AT5G53110, AT4G37800, AT1G40141, AT1G29820, AT1G70730, AT1G34270, AT5G49152, AT3G42993, AT1G43785, AT4G07812, AT5G41010, AT2G06310, AT1G35040, AT5G08030, AT3G04997, AT1G71310, AT2G28050, AT5G01630, AT1G64090, AT5G10900, AT2G38520, AT1G56560, AT4G06620, AT2G10080, AT5G34865, AT5G33434, AT3G32028, AT3G54880, AT2G21220, AT5G28913, AT4G08872, AT1G04190, AT3G30802, AT2G45434, AT1G27070, AT5G15910, AT5G62998, AT2G12610, AT5G04840, AT4G03640, AT1G38260, AT5G51270, AT1G07710, AT5G23690, AT1G49590, AT5G14830, AT1G75190, AT5G20858, AT3G33185, AT2G07540, AT1G76000, AT3G22480, AT1G35360, AT1G69010, AT2G24240, AT3G32295, AT1G31400, AT2G16895, AT4G33360, AT1G04590, AT2G37190, AT4G08770, AT3G25460, AT1G06640, AT1G42060, AT4G06734, AT1G11330, AT5G28500, AT2G33210, AT5G47620, AT1G73400, AT2G41450, AT5G38020, AT2G21510

Protein-protein interaction network

The number of partners (degree) is: 11 (Top20%)

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Differentially expressed condition

1 conditions

SeriesControlTreatmentLog2FCAdj. P value
GSE37269St0, WT, controlSt0, WT, TEV 21 d-1.844.11E-03

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