Gene: AT3G09290

Gene description

TAIR ID: AT3G09290

Short description: telomerase activator1

Pathogen responsiveness: -4.21

General responsiveness: -1.95


Rice: No orthologous gene

GRMZM2G120794   GRMZM2G166782  

Wheat: No orthologous gene

GO biological process

positive regulation of telomerase activity, regulation of transcription, DNA-templated, transcription

GO cellular component


GO molecular function

DNA binding, metal ion binding, transcription factor activity, sequence-specific DNA binding

Protein domain

No domain annotation

Metabolic pathway

Not involved in metabolic pathway

KEGG pathway

Not involved in KEGG pathway

Transcriptional regulation

AT5G07100, AT1G62300, AT5G22570, AT2G46130, AT4G31550

AT1G47360, AT5G29571, AT4G07600, AT5G33422, AT5G03960, AT1G18450, AT4G08095, AT4G32460, AT3G02250, AT3G59850, AT1G01780, AT4G06573, AT1G16150, AT1G38430, AT4G06524, AT3G42478, AT1G51600, AT1G07080, AT1G68935, AT2G25344, AT1G61400, AT4G27030, AT4G08078, AT1G13420, AT3G46920, AT2G10180, AT4G28330, AT1G72060, AT5G07160, AT2G26770, AT3G61545, AT3G49601, AT1G40117, AT4G05556, AT3G22945, AT4G18970, AT1G41710, AT5G65740, AT1G09140, AT5G35080, AT1G36290, AT3G62100, AT4G30290, AT3G30825, AT5G31314, AT1G54860, AT4G22265, AT4G18760, AT3G43130, AT4G07590, AT4G18810, AT1G12840, AT4G07360, AT2G09950, AT1G80150, AT1G52610, AT5G51990, AT1G69910, AT4G03220, AT3G43304, AT1G24267, AT5G08610, AT5G32481, AT3G47280, AT5G33230, AT2G06917, AT4G12426, AT4G07937, AT3G30668, AT1G04635, AT5G16400, AT2G07080, AT3G32970, AT3G32890, AT1G57830, AT3G42883, AT3G09080, AT1G52980, AT5G08110, AT5G09590, AT1G50550, AT4G06736, AT5G02170, AT4G06623, AT1G19415, AT5G19640, AT1G42290, AT1G44608, AT3G30840, AT5G63890, AT3G62290, AT2G30760, AT5G35753, AT4G31670, AT3G24060, AT3G25270, AT3G43433, AT2G12810, AT1G37735, AT3G16130, AT1G36300, AT4G05616, AT2G01580, AT5G22470, AT1G01080, AT2G10802, AT5G07100, AT4G03790, AT4G05610, AT1G09150, AT3G46930, AT4G06485, AT4G36840, AT2G12800, AT2G07788, AT3G30748, AT1G78265, AT3G32010, AT2G06250, AT3G59455, AT3G52170, AT3G15010, AT1G38460, AT4G06626, AT3G42716, AT4G08050, AT5G03600, AT4G17820, AT3G60020, AT4G18030, AT5G19600, AT4G06506, AT2G12835, AT5G30390, AT4G07941, AT5G20770, AT3G30695, AT1G38158, AT4G07660, AT3G03000, AT1G11090, AT1G41775, AT1G61280, AT5G63087, AT5G35416, AT5G28927, AT3G03930, AT5G05410, AT2G06150, AT4G16310, AT5G33389, AT4G07946, AT3G33142, AT2G18380, AT4G28400, AT1G55040, AT1G54095, AT2G14010, AT2G01680, AT2G10710, AT3G30663, AT1G12570, AT1G32670, AT4G11655, AT5G61850, AT1G67190, AT1G05870, AT2G14115, AT3G43140, AT4G39800, AT1G50590, AT4G16563, AT1G64410, AT4G22390, AT1G60710, AT3G46620, AT5G28940, AT2G46410, AT4G07640, AT5G29574, AT2G11350, AT4G06620, AT4G27020, AT4G06486, AT4G02740, AT1G52950, AT1G34047, AT3G20820, AT1G55535, AT2G06310, AT1G60700, AT3G17020, AT4G00570, AT1G29830, AT4G03981, AT4G06611, AT1G49580, AT5G33226, AT5G37010, AT3G16640, AT3G29520, AT3G11310, AT5G31752, AT4G05591, AT5G04490, AT2G15810, AT3G21550, AT1G01540, AT3G27070, AT2G10890, AT1G41743, AT1G60400, AT2G04580, AT4G16490, AT3G49370, AT3G30846, AT3G55430, AT3G14940, AT5G32426, AT3G42820, AT3G19430, AT3G13960, AT4G07693, AT3G42717, AT2G42820, AT3G43151, AT3G14310, AT4G07524, AT1G38340, AT2G25550, AT1G60340, AT3G42470, AT2G12570, AT1G37160, AT3G57880, AT2G01300, AT3G31365, AT4G06734, AT1G42060, AT1G67160, AT3G33083, AT5G32750, AT1G55410, AT5G19730, AT5G55020, AT5G67550, AT3G33058, AT3G32455, AT3G32914, AT1G41740, AT4G07755, AT5G19729, AT3G14150, AT1G44840, AT5G63670, AT5G32402, AT5G34890, AT4G26290, AT2G39820, AT2G10310, AT4G07586, AT2G47070, AT2G13390, AT4G18670, AT1G53470, AT3G26744, AT1G42375, AT5G32345, AT5G48130, AT4G05180, AT5G60920, AT5G18800, AT2G10617, AT5G32071, AT1G38260, AT2G10140, AT3G50700, AT4G32342, AT1G38350, AT1G52970, AT3G32677, AT3G16050, AT2G10730, AT4G40085, AT1G35146, AT4G03811, AT2G12820, AT1G42365, AT1G72420, AT4G08107, AT2G07430, AT3G44470, AT2G10200, AT1G78250, AT1G55035, AT5G18790, AT3G12260, AT3G03910, AT2G12830, AT1G40101, AT5G31945, AT5G32572, AT2G10590, AT5G03200, AT2G15210, AT1G21220, AT5G14430, AT4G06532, AT5G37872, AT4G33870, AT3G62285, AT2G31390, AT1G36035, AT3G43864, AT3G09030, AT1G38330, AT4G18920, AT5G33125, AT4G08660, AT2G42830, AT1G40310, AT1G47350, AT1G33811, AT1G72000, AT3G26030, AT2G01590, AT3G42715, AT2G45270, AT3G24830, AT3G43080, AT1G12830, AT2G44310, AT1G60120, AT1G80270, AT1G42350, AT5G32475, AT1G65010, AT2G22480, AT2G07250, AT2G10600, AT2G47200, AT5G65750, AT3G32897, AT3G16650, AT5G52090, AT5G24610, AT1G54870, AT4G06593, AT5G32406, AT4G06487, AT3G32000, AT2G24230, AT5G45780, AT5G17130, AT2G15150, AT5G39450, AT1G04690, AT5G49690, AT1G31300, AT5G35148, AT4G00236, AT5G63910, AT1G08950, AT5G33388, AT3G43156, AT2G26640, AT2G40085, AT4G05589, AT2G12850, AT3G28130, AT3G47860, AT2G12840, AT2G26420, AT3G37820, AT5G42965, AT2G25820, AT4G38225, AT5G63850, AT1G40085, AT5G27380, AT3G39935, AT5G35057, AT2G26470, AT1G63950, AT3G49000, AT2G10130

Protein-protein interaction network

No Interactor

Differentially expressed condition

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