Gene: AT5G37415

Gene description

TAIR ID: AT5G37415

Short description: AGAMOUS-like 105

Pathogen responsiveness: NA

General responsiveness: NA


Rice: No orthologous gene
Maize: No orthologous gene
Wheat: No orthologous gene

GO biological process

regulation of transcription, DNA-templated

GO cellular component


GO molecular function

DNA binding, protein dimerization activity, transcription factor activity, sequence-specific DNA binding

Protein domain

PfamPF00319, SRF-type transcription factor (DNA-binding and dimerisation domain)

Metabolic pathway

Not involved in metabolic pathway

KEGG pathway

Not involved in KEGG pathway

Transcriptional regulation

AT3G24050, AT4G34680, AT2G45050, AT3G60530, AT4G36990


Protein-protein interaction network

No Interactor

Coexpression network

No coexpression gene

Differentially expressed condition

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