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GO Enrichment Analysis of Co-expressed Genes with


RankGO TermAdjusted P value
1GO:0009715: chalcone biosynthetic process0.00E+00
2GO:0009813: flavonoid biosynthetic process2.20E-11
3GO:0010224: response to UV-B5.83E-08
4GO:0080167: response to karrikin9.09E-07
5GO:0009629: response to gravity4.37E-06
6GO:0010541: acropetal auxin transport4.37E-06
7GO:0010148: transpiration1.33E-05
8GO:0042823: pyridoxal phosphate biosynthetic process1.33E-05
9GO:0009733: response to auxin1.93E-05
10GO:0031540: regulation of anthocyanin biosynthetic process5.85E-05
11GO:0009056: catabolic process7.81E-05
12GO:0010540: basipetal auxin transport1.46E-04
13GO:0009411: response to UV2.39E-04
14GO:0009926: auxin polar transport7.13E-04
15GO:0009736: cytokinin-activated signaling pathway8.63E-04
16GO:0009723: response to ethylene2.27E-03
17GO:0009753: response to jasmonic acid3.24E-03
18GO:0009611: response to wounding4.64E-03
19GO:0009414: response to water deprivation7.32E-03
20GO:0006979: response to oxidative stress7.48E-03
21GO:0055114: oxidation-reduction process1.36E-02
22GO:0016567: protein ubiquitination1.63E-02
RankGO TermAdjusted P value
1GO:0016210: naringenin-chalcone synthase activity0.00E+00
2GO:0045486: naringenin 3-dioxygenase activity0.00E+00
3GO:0031418: L-ascorbic acid binding6.21E-07
4GO:0045430: chalcone isomerase activity1.91E-05
5GO:0045431: flavonol synthase activity2.57E-05
6GO:0015297: antiporter activity1.49E-03
7GO:0042626: ATPase activity, coupled to transmembrane movement of substances1.81E-03
8GO:0052689: carboxylic ester hydrolase activity2.54E-03
9GO:0003824: catalytic activity7.94E-03
10GO:0005215: transporter activity7.98E-03
11GO:0016491: oxidoreductase activity9.02E-03
12GO:0005515: protein binding9.55E-03
13GO:0046872: metal ion binding1.62E-02
14GO:0005524: ATP binding3.73E-02
RankGO TermAdjusted P value
1GO:0042406: extrinsic component of endoplasmic reticulum membrane8.33E-06
2GO:0009705: plant-type vacuole membrane3.95E-05
3GO:0005783: endoplasmic reticulum3.09E-03
4GO:0005737: cytoplasm9.56E-03
5GO:0005774: vacuolar membrane1.79E-02
6GO:0009506: plasmodesma4.67E-02
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